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      HSRP : High Security Registration Plates | All Details.


      Government of India made it mandatory for all vehicles sell before April 2019 to have high-security registration plates (HSRP).

      If your state has allowed offline bookings for HSRPs through authorised dealerships you can make the payment in cash.

      If your state only accepts online bookings you will have to choose among the available online payment modes.

      Every set of HSRP user also needs to get a colour code sticker that has to be paste on the front windshield.

      These stickers cost around Rs 100 and can be purchase with the HSRP or individually as well.

      The colour code of the sticker comes with the fuel option of the vehicle.

      • Petrol and CNG cars get a blue sticker,
      • Diesel cars get orange,
      • Electric vehicles get a green sticker.
      • BS6 vehicles will have a green line on top of the sticker to indicate the most recent emission standard compliance.

      These stickers are expect to help the government track down cars based on their fuel type.

      All states have started issuing fines for non-compliance of HSRP regulations.

      Motor Vehicles Act states that the range of fines that can be issue to vehicle owners for not having an HSRP and colour-code stickers ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000.

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      The liberty to finalise the amount has been left to the state traffic department.

      What is High Security Registration Plates (HSRP)?

      HSRP is a new number plate made of aluminium.

      The letters and numbers on this number plate are laser encode.

      This makes it easier to scan and difficult to create a fake plate.

      HSRP can be identify via a chromium Ashoka Chakra hot stamp on the top left corner.

      The left side of the number plate also features IND lettering.

      Each HSRP is link to the vehicle’s engine and chassis number electronically in a centralised database.

      A key feature of the HSRP is the mechanism through which it’s attach to the vehicle.

      Each HSRP comes with two non-reusable locks.

      If someone breaks the lock the plate cannot be install again.

      HSRP helps the government’s goal of reducing number plate swapping of stolen cars and minimise cases where vehicles with fake plates are use in a criminal offence.

      How can we get HSRP for New Vehicles?

      Government has made mandatory all RTOs in the country to provide HSRP for vehicles that are being newly register.

      All new vehicles sold after April 2019 come with HSRP.

      How can we get HSRP for Existing Vehicle?

      Two options are available depending on the state of registration of the vehicle.

      Some states are allowing dealers to take offline bookings from customers.

      If your state allows offline booking then go for this option and reach out to a dealer to avail the new registration plate. 

      People who have their vehicles registered in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh can also order for home delivery of their HSRPs by going to and filling in their vehicle details and shipping address.

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      The website also gives the option to book your plates online you have to select a your location, and book an appointment.

      The plates will be ready within the time slot and you can get them install it.

      NOTE : This functionality is currently available only for vehicles register in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana.

      How can we order HSRP if vehicle is register in other state?

      There is no easy way in this Case.

      Only the RTO where the vehicle is register is to issue the HSRP.

      Owners who are using their cars in a state other than the registration state have two options :

      1. Go to the registration state and Get the HSRP install.
      2. Transfer your vehicle to the new state by paying the applicable state registration fees and get the HSRP.

      NOTE :

      • If you have paid the HSRP fees online you don’t have to pay anything to the authorised dealerships for installing number plate.
      • HSRPs can cost up to Rs 650 for two-wheelers and up to Rs 1,200 for four-wheelers.
      • Costs vary depending on the state.
      • This amount includes the installation cost at the RTO or the authorised dealer.

      HSRP for Electric Vehicles.

      All vehicles have been mandated with HSRP even it could be Petrol, diesel or electric every vehicle is covered under the HSRP mandate.

      What will be the Billing address on the HSRP booking website?

      Users can provide any address in the HSRP booking portal.

      There is no mandate for the billing/shipping address for HSRPs to be the same as the vehicle registration address.

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      Can we order new HSRP a Single Plate?

      HSRPs can only be ordered in pairs and If you need to replace a single plate front or rear you have to order a complete pair and replace both the plates with the new one.

      HSRP mandate has been changing frequently for different states.

      Government is improving the HSRP portal and issuing fresh guidelines to make the switchover to the new registration plate system as easy as possible.

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