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      ICC makes key change to lbw reviews in DRS.

      The ICC cricket committee has made changes to the way lbws will be adjudge under the Decision Review System. By these changes effectively increasing the area of the stumps a ball must be shown as hitting for a not out decision to be overturn.

      This “wicket zone” will now be increase all the way to the top of the bails previously only to the bottom of the bails.

      ICC makes key change to lbw reviews in DRS | 2YODOINDIA
      ICC makes key change to lbw reviews in DRS | 2YODOINDIA

      That is why deliveries just clipping the bails ends up staying with the umpire’s call on the field.

      As per DRS rule If more than half the ball is predict to hit this region than on-field call of not-out is reverse.

      One more change will now allow teams to ask on-field officials if they think the batsman was playing a shot before they decide to review.

      And short-run calls, like no-ball calls, will now be the third umpire’s responsibility.

      ICC allow for the use of home umpires and with that all teams were given an additional DRS review per innings.

      There were also provisions made for Covid-19 substitutes in case a player in the XI is found to be sick.

      And the use of saliva to shine the ball was still illegal.


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