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      India vs Pakistan : This Story is for Our Future Generations | Virat Kohli’s back as King with Cracker of an Innings

      And now the T20 World Cup begins for Indian courtesy Virat Kohli. All 90,293 breathless spectators, Indians and Pakistanis, stood up as one at the Melbourne Cricket Ground to applaud the brilliance of India’s most complete all-format batter after Virat Kohli hit 82 not out off 53 balls to pull off one of India’s most memorable victories in T20 history.

      Virat Kohli said :

      “will count this higher” than his 82* off 51 balls against Australia in Mohali (in 2016 T20 WC), which “was my best innings” so far.

      As there can be no better news for India as they begin their World Cup campaign in difficult conditions in Australia.

      Virat Kohli took control of a chase of 160 with Hardik Pandya in bouncy pitch after India had collapse to 31/4 in 6.1 overs.

      Virat Kohli and Pandya believes, putting on 113 runs for the fifth wicket as India got four wickets victory.

      It was only when KL Rahul and the others rush to give him a bear hug that Kohli was jolt out of his reverie.

      Virat Kohli merely point a finger up at the sky, as if to remind himself of his capabilities.

      The fifth ball, Virat Kohli came up with an incredible shot, a six straight over the bowler’s head which Hardik Pandya later describe, shaking his head, as “unbelievable”.

      The next one was another six, a six over fine leg, and Rauf, the MCG veteran who plays for Melbourne Stars, was down on his knees.

      The momentum had shifted.

      Rohit Sharma later said :

      “That was the moment when we knew it had come our way,”.

      Virat Kohli said :

      “It’s a surreal atmosphere. ”

      “I honestly have no words. I have no idea how it happened. Hardik kept telling me, just believe we can stay till the end. I’m lost for words. All these months when I was struggling, you guys kept me going.”

      There was a top-order wobble earlier in the day too, when Pakistan batted.

      It was Arshdeep Singh who star with the ball, getting Babar Azam out first ball and showing that precocious talent had translated to a proven performer.

      But India still leak 99 runs in the last 10 overs as Iftikhar Ahmed and Shan Masood scored half-centuries to give Pakistan’s quicks something to defend.

      In the end, Kohli’s brilliance overshadow them all.

      Full Story of India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup Final

      India have kick-start their T20 World Cup campaign with in style, with legend Virat Kohli guiding his side home in an amazing final-ball thriller against Pakistan.

      Virat Kohli finish with an unbeaten 82* from 53 balls and rescue his side after being 4/31 early in their run chase.

      Pakistan look to be storming towards victory, with the likes of Haris Rauf and Naseem Shah performing admirably with the ball, but couldn’t hold out the greatness of King Kohli. 

      India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup Final Score 

      Team1st Innings
      Pakistan8/159 (20)
      India6/160 (20)

      India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup Recap

      India Innings – 6/160

      20th over: INDIA HAVE WON IT!!! Ravichandran Ashwin goes over the top of the field to seal the victory in one of the greatest T20 games of all-time. 6/160 after 20. 

      20th over: SCORES ARE LEVEL!!! Nawaz bowls a wide. 6/159 after 19.5 overs. 

      20th over: WICKET!!! Dinesh Karthik has been stumped on the second-last ball of the innings. India now need two runs off the final delivery to win or one run for a super over. 6/168 after 19.5 overs.

      20th over: Nawaz bowls a wide on the free-hit delivery. Kohli is BOWLED OFF THE FREE HIT but runs anyway and adds three to India’s total. 5/168 after 19.4 overs. 

      20th over: Dinesh Karthik takes a single to get the legend Kohli on strike, who slaps the ball down the ground for two runs. Kohli hits a full-toss for six over mid-wicket, despite the best efforts of the Pakistan fielder on the rope, before the umpire calls a no-ball for height leaving the Pakistan skipper Azam furious. 

      20th over: WICKET!!! Nawaz is back to bowl the final over. Pandya hits it straight up in the air and is caught! 5/144 after 19.1 overs. 

      19th over: Rauf is back to finish his spell and starts the over brilliantly, with just three singles from his first three balls. Kohli goes down the ground with a picture-perfect stroke for six runs. Kohli again goes over fine-leg, this time for a horn to put them within 16 runs of victory heading into the final over. This is as intense as it gets! 4/144 after 19. 

      18th over: Kohli brings up a half-century with a pull shot for a boundary, before Afridi sprays it down leg-side for a wide delivery. Kohli pierces the gap on the off-side and takes two runs, before hitting a full-toss over cover for another four runs. Kohli finishes the over by jumping on a loose ball from Afridi and getting it over short fine-leg for another boundary. The momentum is shifting towards India favour with two overs remaining. 4/129 after 18. 

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      17th over: Shah comes back for his final over. Kohli gives himself some room to try and go over the top, but can only manage two runs on the off-side. Pandya takes two runs on the leg-side. Fantastic over from Shah. 4/112 after 17. 

      16th over: Rauf is back on to bowl now. Pandya plays and misses outside the off-stump, before taking a single to third-man. Rauf sprays it down the leg-side for three wides, with the glove of Rizwan stopping a certain boundary. 4/106 after 16. 

      15th over: Shah returns to the attack for Pakistan and will be hungry to add to his wicket tally in the later stages of this innings. Kohli takes two runs on the leg-side, before clipping the ball past the man at short fine-leg for another. boundary. Five overs to go and this one is going to go down to the wire. 4/100 after 15. 

      14th over: Shadab continues but is sent to the boundary immediately by Kohli, who plays a fantastic cut shot that rolls away to the rope. He fights back well with three singles after the early four. 4/90 after 14. 

      13th over: Afridi returns to the attack for Pakistan. Pandya flicks it through the leg-side for two runs. Some tidy fielding from Shadab at cover stops four runs, but Kohli latches onto a leg-side delivery and flicks it for a boundary later in the over. 4/83 after 13. 

      12th over: Pandya launches Nawaz into the stands over cow-corner, before taking a smart single down the ground the next ball. Pakistan appeal for a catch but the third umpire shows Kohli did not hit the ball, only striking his thighpad. Kohli goes down the ground the next ball with a lofted straight drive for six runs. Pandya finishes the over with another huge horn straight back over the bowler’s head. India are beginning to surge here and this partnership will be vital to their chances. 4/74 after 12. 

      11th over: Shadab continues for Pakistan after the drinks break. Pandya smashes the ball straight down the ground for a boundary, before India add three singles to the man at deep cover. Kohli flicks a full-toss through mid-wicket for two runs to finish a productive over. 4/54 after 11. 

      10th over: Spin is working a treat for Pakistan, with Nawaz continuing from the other end. Pandya flicks it to the leg-side and they add two runs, but India need to up the ante and start hitting some boundaries soon as the required run-rate rises. 4/45 after 10. 

      9th over: Another great over for Pakistan, with Shadab leaking just three runs. 4/41 after 9. 

      8th over: Mohammad Nawaz into the attack now for Pakistan. India are unable to find the boundary, managing just five singles from the over. 4/38 after 8. 

      7th over: ANOTHER WICKET!!! A huge mix-up sees Axar Patel run out. Azam and Rizwan almost make a meal of it, but the ball touches the stumps before the keeper’s gloves. This is absolute shambles for India. 4/33 after 7. 

      6th over: WICKET!!! Surya jumps on a short ball, hooking it all the way to the boundary for four runs. The next delivery, he attempts a ramp shot but is caught behind, struggling to handle the ferocious pace of Haris Rauf. Axar Patel gets off the mark with two runs. 3/31 after 6. 

      5th over: Surya adds three more runs to his tally, starting his innings off in quick fashion. Kohli takes off for a single to get the hot hand back on strike. 2/22 after 5. 

      4th over: WICKET!!! Sharma is gone, with Haris Rauf taking the outside edge of the Indian skipper and Ifitkhar Ahmed taking a great catch in the slips. Surya Yadav plays the shot of the night from his first ball at the crease, smoking a straight-drive down the ground for a boundary. He backs it up with a lovely back-foot drive through the off-side for another three runs. This game is shaping up to be a beauty. 2/17 after 4. 

      3rd over: Afridi continues for Pakistan. Sharma takes off for a quick single, giving the strike to Virat Kohli who punches the ball through cover for two runs. Afridi appeals for LBW but is turned down by the umpire. 1/10 after 3. 

      2nd over: WICKET!!! Naseem Shah enters the attack from the other end for Pakistan and strikes in his first over, as Rahul chops onto his stumps. Exactly the start Pakistan needed in their defence. 1/7 after 2. 

      1st over: Shaheen Shah Afridi opens up the bowling for Pakistan and almost takes a caught and bowled with his first delivery. KL Rahul gets off the mark with an inside-edge for a single, before his skipper Rohit Sharma pushes through the off-side for two run to finish the over. 0/5 after 1. 

      Pakistan Innings – 8/159

      After a horror start, Pakistan managed to scramble their way to a very defendable score of 159. Shan Masood did a nice job anchoring the innings with his half-century, while the power-hitting from Ifitkhar Ahmed helped give the side a boost. Hardik Pandya and Arshdeep Singh were the clear standouts with the ball for India, finishing with three wickets apiece. Pakistan will need to bowl extremely well, but they have given themselves a fighting chance. 

      20th over: WICKET!!! A wild pitch invader halts play momentarily in the final over, with Kumar closing out India’s bowling innings. Afridi looks to pull a good length ball and hits it straight back to Kumar, who takes a simple catch. Haris Rauf hits a six from his first delivery, before wildly swinging the next two balls and missing out. 8/159 after 20. 

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      19th over: Arshdeep comes back for his final over. Masood brings up his half-century with a single, capping an important innings for his side. Shaheen Afridi walks down the track and slogs it over mid-wicket for a massive six. He goes again the next ball, slapping the ball through mid-off for another four runs. 7/149 after 19. 

      18th over: Masood slashes at a ball from Shami and edges it down to the third-man region for a boundary. He backs it up the next ball with a cracking on-drive that beats a diving Ashwin and races away for another four runs. 7/135 after 18. 

      17th over: WICKET!!! Arshdeep returns to the attack and drops it in short, cramping Asif Ali for room. The Pakistan batsman can’t evade the ball despite attempting to duck under it, with the ball landing safely in the hands of Dinesh Karthik. Some poor fielding allows Pakistan to scramble for two runs. 7/125 after 17. 

      16th over: WICKET!!! Pandya is slapped for a boundary over point by Mohammad Nawaz, before the left-hander creams it over extra-cover two balls later for another four runs. Panyda digs the ball in shorter and cramps Nawaz for room, who edges it to the keeper and is sent packing. 6/116 after 16. 

      15th over: India are fuming as Masood mishits the ball in the air, but it strikes the spider-cam. Ashwin drops a tough catch off his own bowling, with Pakistan continuing to bat aggressively. 5/106 after 15. 

      14th over: TWO WICKETS!!! Pandya strikes upon his return as Shadab skies the ball out to deep mid-wicket, with Surya Yadav taking a simple catch. Haider Ali chips the ball over cover for two runs, getting his innings underway. Moments later, he skies the ball out to the same man out deep and Yadav makes no mistake. Poor batting from Pakistan in the past two overs, really throwing away their chance of a solid total. 5/98 after 14. 

      13th over: Shadab Khan gets off the market with a beautiful off-drive for a boundary, taking advantage of an over-pitched delivery from Shami. Shadab takes off for a quick single to finish the over. 3/96 after 13. 

      13th over: WICKET!!! Just as he was getting going, Ifitkhar is gone LBW. Shami traps the right-hander on the pads and the umpire shows no hesitation in putting his finger up. 3/91 after 12.2 overs. 

      12th over: Ifitkhar goes aerial again, taking down Axar Patel for six runs off his first delivery. He does it again two balls later, right over the bowler’s head for another big horn. Ifitkhar makes it three from four balls, sending it over the rope for six more runs. Brilliant batting from the right-hander, who brings up his half-century with a cut shot. 2/91 after 12. 

      11th over: Pakistan are looking to accelerate – as they should be – and Iftikhar hits a massive six over mid-on that gets the crowd up and about. 2/70 after 11. 

      10th over: Pandya swaps ends and returns for India. Pakistan add a few singles before Ifitkhar slaps it through backward point for a boundary, which his desperately need more of. 2/60 after 10. 

      9th over: Ravi Ashwin enters the attack, giving Pakistan their first taste of spin for the night. Masood dances down the wicket and goes over extra-cover for two runs. Ifitkhar beats the fielder with a late cut for a single to bring up 50 runs for Pakistan. 2/50 after 9. 

      8th over: MASOOD ESCAPES! Another top-edge from the Pakistan batsman goes to hand this time, but Ravi Ashwin couldn’t get his fingers under the ball on the fine-leg boundary. Tight over from Shami. 2/44 after 8.

      7th over: Hardik Pandya is on for the boys in blue. Pandya drops it short and Iftikhar pounces on it with a hook shot for three runs. Another mix-up almost leads to a run-out, but Masood scrambles back just in time. Masood top-edges the final ball of the over but it lands safely and rolls away for a boundary. 2/41 after 7. 

      6th over: Mohammad Shami enters the attack for India. Masood hits a lovely cut shot for a boundary, before flicking it through mid-wicket for three runs. Pakistan are working their way back into the contest after a shaky start. 2/31 after 6. 

      5th over: Kumar continues for a third over. Iftikhar Ahmed gets off the mark with a flick through the leg-side for two runs, before hitting a boundary with a pull-shot through mid-wicket. 2/24 after 5. 

      4th over: WICKET!!! Rizwan top-edges another one and this time it lands safely in the hands of the man at fine-leg. Pakistan are two down already. 2/15 after 4. 

      4th over: Singh continues for India, but is hit for a boundary with the first ball of the over. Rizwan top-edges the ball and it falls just short of a diving Virat Kohli at mid-on. 

      3rd over: Kumar continues for India and he clips Masood on the thighpad, before an LBW appeal is turned down by the umpire. Masood takes two runs, but is looking nervy at the crease. 1/10 after 3. 

      2nd over: WICKET!!! Arshdeep Singh has caught Babar Azam on the pads with his very first delivery and the captain is gone! Pakistan reviewed the decision but it was shown to be hitting leg-stump. A huge moment early in the game for India. Singh is generating plenty of swing early in his spell, troubling the Pakistan batsmen. Virat Kohli misses a simple run-out opportunity that would have put Pakistan in all sorts. Rizwan flicks the ball fine for a boundary off the final ball of the over. It’s all happening at the MCG! 1/2 after 2. 

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      1st over: Bhuvneshwar Kumar opens up for India. Mohammad Rizwan gets struck on the glove with some nice bounce off the wicket and is in clear discomfort. Doctors have now cleared him to continue. Rizwan swings at a couple of deliveries outside off-stump but misses out. Just one run off the over, with Kumar bowling a wide down leg-side. 0/1 after 1. 

      India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup Full Scorecard

      India Batting
      KL Rahulb. Shah48
      Rohit Sharma (c)c. Ahmed b. Rauf47
      Virat KohliNot out825364
      Suryakumar Yadajc. Rizwan b. Rauf15102
      Axar Patelr.o Azam b. Shadab23
      Hardik Pandyac. Azam b. Nawaz403712
      Dinesh Karthikst. Rizwan b. Nawaz12
      Ravichandran AshwinNot out11
      Total6/160 (20)    
      Extras10 (5wd 1nb 1lb 3b)    
      F.O.W1/7 (Rahul) 2/10 (Sharma) 3/26 (Yadav) 4/31 (Patel) 5/144 (Pandya) 6/158 (Karthik)    
      Pakistan Bowling
      Shaheen Shah Afridi40340
      Naseem Shah40231
      Haris Rauf40362
      Shadab Khan40210
      Mohammad Nawaz40412
      Pakistan Innings
      Babar Azam (c)lbw. Singh01
      Mohammad Rizwanc. Kumar b. Singh4121
      Shan MasoodNot out52425 
      Ifitkhar Ahmedlbw. Shami513424
      Shadab Khanc. Yadav b. Pandya561
      Haider Alic. Yadav b. Pandya24
      Mohammad Nawazc. Karthik b. Pandya962
      Asif Alic. Karthik b. Singh23
      Shaheen Afridic & b. Kumar16811
      Haris RaufNot out641
      Naseem Shahdnb.    
      Total8/159 (20)    
      Extras12 (6wd 4lb 2b)    
      FOW1/1 (Azam) 2/15 (Rizwan) 3/91 (Ifitkhar) 4/96 (Shadab) 5/98 (Ali) 6/115 (Nawaz) 7/121 (Ali) 8/151 (Afridi)    
      India Bowling
      Bhuvneshwar Kumar40221
      Arshdeep Singh40323
      Mohammad Shami40251
      Hardik Pandya40303
      Ravichandran Ashwin30230
      Axar Patel10210

      Why India were Allowed 3 Runs off Free Hit After Virat Kohli was Clean Bowled

      Virat Kohli took his side to one of the most remarkable victories in recent times as the Men in Blue in a thriller against the arch-rivals Pakistan in their T20 World Cup opener in front of a packed MCG.

      India were down and out at 31/4 before Kohli and Hardik Pandya resurrect India’s innings with a 113-run partnership to almost take the side on the verge of victory before the drama unfold in the final over of the innings bowl by left-arm spinner Mohammad Nawaz.

      Virat Kohli had play two of the shots of the night against Haris Rauf, who was breathing fire, on the last couple of deliveries of the 19th over and the equation now was in touching distance for India with two set batters and a spinner to bowl, 16 require off 6.

      A wide, a no-ball, a free hit, a six and a couple of wickets, the final over of the game had everything and one of these things became a huge point of controversy as it divide opinions in the cricketing arena.

      M. Nawaz had dismiss Hardik off the first delivery and India got three runs off the next two balls with equation being in Pakistan’s favour now as the Men in Blue needed 13 runs off three deliveries.

      M. Nawaz had bowl a full toss on the second delivery of the over but the umpire reckone it was a legal ball.

      On the fourth ball, M. Nawaz again bowl a full toss, Virat Kohli swung it hard and even before he completed the shot, he was looking at the leg umpire asking for a no-ball.

      The leg umpire Marais Erasmus didn’t move but the one at the non-striker’s end, Rod Tucker call it a no-ball much to the frustration of Pakistan players.

      As the ball went for a six, the equation was now down to 6 needed off 3.

      M. Nawaz bowl a wide and then on the actual free hit, he got Virat Kohli bowled and he and Dinesh Karthik ran three runs.

      Pakistan team wasn’t happy yet again as they crowd the two umpires to discuss why it wasn’t declare a dead ball since Nawaz had clean up Virat Kohli.

      So, as per the rules, clean bowl isn’t a legitimate dismissal off a free hit and the umpire rightfully gave it byes.

      How can India Play Pakistan Again in T20 World Cup 2022?

      After a thrilling encounter between arch-rivals India and Pakistan, cricket fans from around the world want both teams to play one more game in this ICC T20 World Cup.

      It is something that would make ICC and everyone very happy.

      But, Can India play Pakistan again in this T20 World Cup?

      The answer is yes, yes, yes.

      But the probability of that happening is very low.

      India and Pakistan can clash against each other only in the final of the T20 WC 2022.

      If that is to happen both the teams will have to finish at top of the Super 12 group stage beating teams like Bangladesh and South Africa and then in the semifinals, they will have to beat probably Australia, England, New Zealand or Sri Lanka.

      If all these variables fall in favour of India and Pakistan, cricket fans will witness yet another epic encounter.

      Format of ICC T20 World Cup 2022

      This year’s ICC Men’s T20 World Cup takes place in three stages.

      The First Round sees two groups of four teams participating in a round-robin.

      The top two teams from each group progress to the Super 12 stage.

      The eight nations competing in the First Round consist of the four lowest-rank nations to have automatically qualified for the tournament at the cut-off point, Namibia, Scotland, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

      They will be join by two teams from each of the Qualifier tournaments held in 2022.

      Ireland and UAE progress in Qualifier A in Oman back in February, with Netherlands and Zimbabwe triumphing in Qualifier B in Zimbabwe in July.

      The top team from Group A and the second team from Group B enter Group 1 of the Super 12s, with the top finishers in Group B and the second-placed side from Group A going into Group 2.

      The Super 12 stage sees two groups of six play a round-robin, with the top two teams from each group progressing to the knock-out stage.

      The knock-out stage consists of two semi-finals and the Final at the MCG on 13th November 2022.

      India Matches in the Super 12 Round

      • Match 1. India Vs Pakistan – 23rd October, 2022, 1:30 PM, Melbourne
      • Match 2. India Vs Netherland – 27th October, 2022, 12:30 PM, Sydney
      • Match 3. India Vs South Africa – 30th October, 2022, 4:30 PM, Perth
      • Match 4. India Vs Bangladesh – 2nd November, 2022, 1:30 PM, Adelaide
      • Match 5. India Vs Zimbabwe – 6th November, 2022, 1:30 PM, Melbourne

      Pakistan Matches in the Super 12 Round

      • 1st match, India v Pakistan, October 23, 2022, Melbourne, 1.30 pm
      • 2nd match, Pakistan v Zimbabwe, October 27, 2022, Perth, 4.30 pm
      • 3rd match, Pakistan v Netherlands, October 30, 2022, Perth, 3.30 pm
      • 4th match, Pakistan v South Africa, November 3, 2022, Sydney, 1.30 pm
      • 5th match, Pakistan v Bangladesh, November 6, 2022, Adelaide, 9.30 am

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