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      India will Get 6G Soon? | 6G Internet speed | 5G Network Speed | 6G Network Speed

      Telecom players in India are currently conducting 5G trials and it is expects that 5G service will be launch in India by 2022. But there are reports of 6G already coming ahead of the commercial rollout of 5G service.

      It is said that preparations have also started for 6G in India.

      As per reports, 6G will have internet speed that is as many as 50 times faster than 5G.

      Also some reports have came and claiming that the government has started preparing for the 6G network.

      The Telecom Department (DoT) is said to have entrusted the responsibility to state-run telecom research company C-DoT.

      As it is said that the government has directed C-DoT to explore all technical possibilities related to the 6G network.

      Telecom Secretary K Rajaraman has said that technical prospects related to 6G should be consider so that 6G can be launch in the worldwide market as well as rolled out in India at this time.

      There are many big players who are currently working on 6G networks.

      These include the names of like Samsung, LG, Huawei who have starts working on 6G networks.

      It is estimate that 6G networks may also be roll out globally by 2028-2030.

      That is why India has also started preparations for the 6G network.

      5G Network Speed

      5G network can offer data downloading speed up to a maximum of 20Gbps.

      The maximum speed of 5G data download has reach 3.7Gbps during testing of 5G network in India.

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      There are three companies Airtel, Vi and Jio have conducted speed tests on data downloads up to 3Gbps in 5G network trials.

      6G Network Speed

      6G Network Speed expect that the same speed may reach 1000Gbps in the 6G network.

      Media reports have came out that LG has also started 6G trails.

      As per reports the company had recently starts trialling the 6G network in Berlin, Germany.

      The data was sent and receive at a distance of 100 metres during this testing.

      This testing was also consider successful.

      In the 6G network you can download a 6 GB movie in just 51 seconds at a speed of 1000 megabytes per second.

      • 6G network will be 15 times faster than 5G.
      • The 6G network in Japan is expects to be launch by 2030.
      • Apart from Japan, South Korea, China and Finland are also preparing for a 6G network.
      • Now preparations have started for the 6G network in India also.
      • According to the DW report, millions of euros are being spent in the European Union for the 6G network.


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