Indian Government wants EV Maker to Start Production in India | Details Inside

Tesla is trying hard to make an entry into India’s automobile market. The carmaker urged to government to lower the import rates on electric vehicles. But the government plan was simple first to import and test the appetite of Indian auto-owners for Tesla vehicles before starts production locally. 

According to a PTI report which quoted unnamed government sources that the heavy industries ministry has reportedly asked Tesla electric car major to first start manufacturing its iconic electric vehicles in India before any tax concessions can be consider, .  

The Centre government is not offering any concessions for the import of fuel-base or electric vehicles.

Government is reports to be of the view that giving such concessions will not send a good signal to other companies that have invest billions of dollars in India.

The cars that are import in India as completely built units (CBUs) attract customs duty ranging from 60% to 100%.

The tax depends on the engine size and cost, insurance and freight (CIF) value. 

Tesla had ask the government to lower the taxes on the import of electric vehicles (EVs) in India.

Previous reports had suggested that the Centre was willing to offer sops on the import of electric vehicles. 

Tesla has recently pass the homologation stage for all the four models/variants approval for in India.

Which basically means that models are ready for launch in India. 


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