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      Instagram Rolls Out New Remix Feature for Reels | How to Use Remix Feature for Reels?

      Instagram is rolling out a new Remix feature to increase using Reels. Remix allowing users to record alongside an existing Reel. Instagram Reels users can use the Remix feature to create their own Reel next to one that already exists.

      This feature should come in handy when capturing your reaction, responding to friends or recreating a trending video.

      Instagram Reels’ new Remix feature is rolling out for all users globally.

      How to use Instagram Remix feature?

      • Go to the Instagram Reel that you want to shoot.
      • Select the three dots on the top right corner of the Reel.
      • Choose Remix This Reel option.
      • Instagram will place the recorded Reel on the right corner.
      • Instagram let you see your own recording on the left side.
      • Click the Record button to start recording your Remix.

      You can edit your video by adding effects, filters, increasing the pace, and adding sound using on the tools showing on the left panel.

      The feature will be available by default for newly uploaded Instagram Reels.

      How to Remix old Reels with new Features?

      • Go to three dots on the right of your Reel.
      • Click on Enable Remixing.
      • These remixed Reels will show up alongside all the other Instagram Reels on the Reels.
      • Tab in your profile.
      • Creators will also be able to see who remixed their Reel via the Instagram Activity tab.


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