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IPL Retention Rules: Old Teams can keep 4 Players before 2022 Auction | Details Inside

IPL Retention Rules are the talk of the town since two new teams were addition in the IPL pool. But now the rules are out and old teams can maximum of four players can be retain by the eight existing IPL teams and the two new franchises will be able to acquire three players from the rest of the player pool before the 2022 auction.

There is no confirm date for the auction as the purse for the 2022 auction is likely to be INR 90 crore which is slightly more than the INR 85 crore which was available in the 2021 auction.

There are two different combinations teams can apply and picking their four players to retain as three Indians and one overseas, or two Indians and two overseas as per 2YoDo sources.

Also there will be no right-to-match cards (RTM) at the auction.

IPL council clarified these rules in informal discussions this week with the franchises.

The three Indians retain by franchises can all be capped, all uncapped or a mix of both.

Three players going to the two new franchises for Lucknow and Ahmedabad as IPL has specified a combination of two Indian players and one overseas.

But it remains unclear at present is whether these players will need to be pick strictly from the group of players not retain by the existing franchises, or can be from the larger auction pool which will have new additions before 2022 auction.

If the two new franchises are allow to pick only from group of players not retain by the other eight, then a player-draft system is likely to be put in place.

While the IPL is yet to announce the details and rules, the deadline for retaining players is likely to be the end of November.

Key points that the IPL is still to firm up include the maximum amount that can be spent on each retain player and the percentage of the auction purse each franchise can spend overall on retaining players.

If a franchise retain the maximum of three players before the auction then deductions from from the salary cap were : INR 15 crore for the first player, INR 11 crore for the second, and INR 7 crore for the third, unless a player’s exiting salary was already higher than the cap.

If only one player was retain then franchise would lose INR 12.5 crore from their purse.

IPL had also stipulate a salary cap of INR 3 crore for an uncapped player retain.


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