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      It is Unfair to Use Cyrus Mistry’s Accident to Hate All Female Drivers | 2YoDo Views

      After the former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry’s fatal accident reveale that Anahita Pandole, a top Mumbai-based gynaecologist, was driving the Mercedes GLC when the accident happen.

      Anahita and her husband Darius Pandole were severely injure, Cyrus Mistry and her brother-in-law Jehangir Pandole died on the spot while returning from Gujarat’s Udwada to Mumbai.

      After initial investigation suggests that the car crash could have cause by over-speeding and the “error of judgement” by the driver.

      As the news spread, social media users start using this to run a hate campaign against female drivers.

      Twitter is litter with comments like :

      • “women drivers are dangerous”,
      • “I hate women drivers”,
      • “these ladies can never drive properly”,
      • “I’m scared of a lady driver”, and so on.

      Contrary to the stereotype that women can’t drive well, many studies suggest that women, in fact, are safer drivers than men.

      A recent report by fleet intelligence company Netstar collect telematics data on register incidences of vehicle impacts, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and harsh cornering as a percentage of total male and female customers.

      And according to the intelligence company, women perform better than men on every metric.

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      Register vehicle impacts like hitting potholes, kerbs, or other vehicles by women customers represent 1.3% of the total number of Netstar’s female customer base during the period measure, compare to 1.4% for men.

      Regarding harsh braking, register incidents represent 16.9% of female drivers and 22.8% of males.

      The numbers for harsh acceleration are 4.5% for women and 10% for men.

      For harsh cornering, the proportions are 13.2% for women vs 18.8% for men.

      Due to stereotype, women often find it difficult to get driver jobs especially for public transport to ensure women safety.

      But things are changing now.

      Parvathy Arya, a truck driver from Mandsaur in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh.

      She holds the Guinness World Record of being Asia’s first woman truck driver.

      Many state governments are contributing to this change.

      The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC), in 2015, hire its first female bus driver, Vankadarath Saritha, to improve women safety and security while commuting via public transport.

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