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iTest : Samsung Made an App that Turns iPhones into Android devices | How to use iTest Application | 2YODOINDIA

iTest : Samsung Made an App that Turns iPhones into Android devices

Samsung has launch an App that can help iPhone users turn their phones into Android Galaxy smartphones sort of. This app to help iPhone users get a feel of its Samsung Galaxy phone.

Samsung Said :

Customers will be able to get a feel of Samsung phones without actually switching their phones.

The application would not be able to replicate 100% features of the Samsung phone but getting a feel of some of the features will be easy to do with the application.

iTest the application is a web application that simulates Android Samsung Galaxy experience on an iPhone.

How to use iTest Application?

  • Go to iTest website.
  • Add the icon on their iPhone.

iTest application allows users to experience the Android interface and feel to limited extent.

Samsung has been able to replicate substantial features of Samsung Galaxy phone for iPhone users.

In this application you can browse the Samsung Galaxy store and also able to experience the Samsung Galaxy camera app.

Users fearing that they might not be able to switch back to their original iPhone interface should not worry about it as you close the iTest application will switch them back to their iPhone interface.


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