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      JBL Bar Series Soundbars Launched in India

      JBL Bar Series Soundbars Launch in India. The JBL BAR 2.1DB_MKII, JBL BAR 500, JBL BAR 800, and JBL BAR 1000 soundbars comes in this series. JBL Bar Series Soundbars offer a powerful sound.

      Price in India

      JBL Bar Series Soundbars price are between Rs. 29,999.

      All the models can be purchase directly from the JBL website, as well as other retail platforms in India.


      JBL BAR 2.1DB_MKII

      The JBL BAR 2.1DB_MKII is a small soundbar that outputs 300W and is connectible to a TV.

      JBL BAR 2.1DB_MKII can also play content wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet.

      The JBL BAR 2.1DB_MKII supports Dolby Digital and JBL Surround Sound for a balance sound experience.

      JBL BAR 2.1DB_MKII accentuates your viewing when pair with a TV for your entertainment.

      A JBL BAR 2.1DB_MKII is a wireless subwoofer and eARC HDMI further optimize the sound output of the speaker.

      JBL Bar 500

      The JBL Bar 500 delivers a maximum sound output of 590W.

      JBL Bar 500 features MultiBeam technology for a cinematic experience.

      JBL Bar 500 comes with Dolby Atmos 3D and Surround Sound, while the PureVoice feature optimizes voice clarity.

      The JBL Bar 500 has a wireless subwoofer to deliver spotless bass to the listener.

      JBL Bar 800

      The JBL Bar 800 has a maximum output of 720W.

      JBL Bar 800 comes with two up-firing drivers with wireless and battery-power rear surround speakers.

      The JBL Bar 800 offers an immersive cinematic audio experience without clutter.

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      JBL Bar 800 is equip with built-in WiFi with AirPlay2, Alexa Multi-Room Music, and Chromecast.

      JBL Bar 1000

      The JBL Bar 1000 has a maximum power output of 880W.

      JBL Bar 1000 features True Dolby Atmos.

      The MultiBeam technology is also feature in the JBL Bar 1000 and also easy sound calibration.

      The JBL Bar 1000 works with voice assistant-enable speakers.

      JBL Bar 1000 is also equip with HDMI eARC connectivity with 4K Dolby Vision pass-through.

      JBL Bar 1000 is equip with built-in WiFi with AirPlay2, Alexa Multi-Room Music, and Chromecast.

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