Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2021 | Know Why Shri Krishna Wears Peacock Feather and Loves Flute

Lord Krishna’s whole life gives us a right direction. Everything related to him has special significance. Everything that he did had some reason behind it and he is connected with every aspect of human life. So the reason why everyone that follows ‘Sanatan Culture’ worships Lord Krishna.

On the occasion of Janmashtami let’s know some of Lord Krishna’s symbols and their importance.

Peacock Feather

Peacock feather is one of the favourites of Shri Krishna.

The factbehind why he wore it on his crown is enough to establish its importance in his life.

Peacock feather is significant as per religious texts as well.

Peacock feather reduces the troubles in life and brings happiness, peace and prosperity.


Lord Krishan loved flute and the reason one of his names is ‘Murlidhar’.

The flute is a melodious instrument.

Flute gives a message that our life also should be melodious and sweet like a flute.

No matter what the situation we should always be happy and try to spread happiness as well.


Krishna loved Makhan and he got the name ‘Makhan chor’ because he use to steal Makhan from ‘Gopies’.

He also loved Makhan Mishri.

When Makhan and Mishri are mixed they give a sweet flavour.

It symbolised that our life, too, should mingle like Makhan Mishri and provide sweetness.


Lotus flower is consider extremely pure as per scriptures.

Even after growing in the mud, it does not lose its beauty, softness and purity.

Lotus gives us the lesson to live simply and beautifully.

Vaijanti Mala

Shri Krishan wears Vaijanti Mala.

Vaijanti Mala is prepare with Lotus seeds and these seeds are very hard.

Vaijanti Mala gives us a message that no matter how many troubles surround our lives but make your decisions wisely and handle tough situations.


The cow is considered the purest creature.

‘Panchgavya’ that is cow milk, cow curd, cow urine, cow ghee, cow dung are consider very important in Scripture.

‘Gauseva’ will gives you prosperity.



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