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      Luna Is Coming Back In An Electric Avatar | Details Inside

      Iconic Luna is making a comeback in an electric avatar, confirm by Kinetic Green. In a tweet, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, founder & CEO, Kinetic Green, has confirm that the e-Luna will be making its debut soon.

      Details not clear but it can be expect the Kinetic Green e-Luna to be a workhorse just like the original one.

      Kinetic Green wouldn’t be prioritising the Luna’s performance as much as its range and more importantly, its load-carrying capacity.

      That said, we don’t expect it to be a low-speed e-scooter but pack enough performance to achieve a top speed of 50kmph to make it eligible for FAME-II subsidy.

      And given the purpose it would be built for, the Kinetic Green e-Luna could have a range of around 100km.

      Moreover, it may have swappable batteries, rather than fast-charging, making it more suite for B2B applications.

      The e-Luna would be primarily catering to business owners so it is likely that Kinetic Green will have a modular structure for this product.

      Considering that Kinetic Green has now officially revealed the name, it won’t be long before the iconic moped makes its debut in India.

      Kinetic Green could launch the e-Luna as early as July 2023, with a price tag of approx. Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000.

      It would be slightly on the expensive side considering the revisions in the FAME-II subsidy.

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