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      Made in India Indus Battle Royale Pre-Registrations Open for Android with Gameplay Trailer Released

      Mobile gamers in India have had a tough time in recent years with the government banning the two most popular games, PUBG & BGMI.

      The launch of a new battle royale game is made in India.

      Indus Battle Royale and it has in development for quite a while.

      In August 2022, it was tease at Times Square, and now, pre-registration for the game has begun for Android devices.

      It will soon be available for registration on iOS too.

      SuperGaming, the company behind Indus Battle Royale has also release a gameplay trailer giving us an idea of what to expect from the game.

      It is worth mentioning that the footage is from a pre-alpha build, so it is likely that the imperfections will be improve upon.

      The game states that you take on the role of a Mythwalker, a mercenary working for the intergalactic syndicate COVEN who is trying to obtain Cosmium (a rare resource in this universe).

      The setting is base on a vision of Indo-futurism, which essentially means an advance Indus valley civilization set in the far future.

      Gameplay-wise, the character designs, and weapon designs look inspire by Apex Legends.

      The gunplay looks quite clean, and the maps are also quite neat with no distracting aspects.

      What’s interesting is that Supergaming chose to hide the HUD in the gameplay trailer, so we have no idea if the game will also feature passive, active, and ultimate abilities like Apex legends.

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