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      Mandira Bedi Recalls Getting Snubbed by Cricketers when She’d Host Pre-Match Shows

      Actress and former cricket host and commentator Mandira Bedi recently open up on not feeling accept by the cricket fraternity as a female host at the beginning of her career.

      Mandira Bedi recall that she got stare down by a lot of cricketers over her questions as she ask simple questions for a layperson viewer to understand the sport.

      Mandira Bedi Said :

      “Nobody accept me to begin with, certainly not the people sitting on the panel. I’m friends with all the ex-cricketers now who I work with back then as well but they didn’t like that either. They didn’t like that there was a woman wearing a saree, dress up, talking cricket. Nobody fed me any lines, nobody fed me any questions. I was there to represent the layperson who doesn’t know every technicality of cricket, who does not know every nuance of cricket.”

      The channel Mandira Bedi was working for, Sony back her and encourage her to keep moving forward in her career path as a cricket host.

      Mandira Bedi Said :

      “I was told whatever question comes to your mind at that particular point of time if you’re thinking it ask it. I was given that freedom. Of course, I got stare down by a lot of the cricketers like- what’s she even asking, why is she even asking that. They answer whatever they want to answer nothing connect to my question and that can be very very intimidating but I kind of was assure by the channel, it was Sony, that back me and chose me from 150-200 women. They said that we’ve chosen you with the reason we think you have what it takes to stay, so go ahead and be yourself and start enjoying yourself.”

      Mandira Bedi first turn a cricket host/commentator in 2003 and 2007 with the ICC World Cups.

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      Mandira Bedi was one of the few women commentators in cricket at the time.

      Now, Mandira Bedi lost her husband Raj Kaushal last year to a heart attack.

      Mandira Bedi has two children Vir and Tara.

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