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MapmyIndia Mappls Gadgets for Cars and Bikes Launched in India | Price in India | Specifications | 2YODOINDIA

MapmyIndia Mappls Gadgets for Cars and Bikes Launched in India

MapmyIndia has launch a collection of Mappls tools for use in cars and bikes in India. The lineup of products includes GPS trackers, dash cameras, in-dash navitainment systems, and smart helmet kits for cars and bikes. These gadgets are aim to promote safer driving.

The MapmyIndia Mappls Gadgets range of vehicle tracking solutions comes in four variants.

They allow users to track their vehicles, assets, and even loved ones in real time.

Means that the user can get real-time information about his assets or loved ones.

These trackers feature geofencing alerts, undue stoppage alarms, or overspeeding alarms.

Price in India

Advanced GPS Vehicle Trackers range price set from Rs. 4,490 to Rs. 12,990.

MappmyIndia Mappls CarlEye price set at Rs. 23,990.

The MappmyIndia ICENAV systems price set at Rs. 23,990

Combo MappmyIndia Mappls Smart Helmet Kits price set at 50% discount price of Rs. 5,490.

The MappmyIndia Mappls gadgets can be deep install or plug-and-play according to the user’s preferences.


The MapmyIndia Mappls Dash Cameras are an integral part of the CarlEye system of comprehensive and personalized safety, tracking, telematics, and surveillance for the vehicle.

MapmyIndia Mappls Dash Cameras provides real-time video visibility and insights into vehicle performance.

The dual camera setup of the MapmyIndia Mappls CarlEye analyzes driver behavior and can detect rapid acceleration, braking, overspeeding, and many more.

MapmyIndia Mappls CarlEye also monitors the car’s location via live vehicle tracking.

The MapmyIndia Mappls smartphone app offers an interface for accessing vehicle information on the go.

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MapmyIndia Mappls in-dash navitainment systems consist of two in-class integrate and connect entertainment and navigation systems (ICENAV).

MapmyIndia Mappls in-dash navitainment systems are the ICENAV 7216 and ICENAV 7464.

This systems come with steering wheel control, video output, rear view AHD camera, Android-based OS, and Android Auto compatibility.

MapmyIndia Mappls in-dash navitainment systems also feature FHD 1080p media playback, a 9-inch or 10-inch IPS Crystal Clear Display, and smartphone mirror link connectivity, among many others.

The ICENAV offers an excellent navigation experience via NaviMaps.

MapmyIndia Mappls in-dash navitainment systems provides offline navigation with live traffic updates, 3D and RealView mapping, etc.

The other products release by MappmyIndia are revolutionary smart helmet kits for two-wheelers.

The Navisor and Navaudio will help bike riders to stay safe on the road.

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