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      Microsoft Plans Major Platform Upgrades for Windows 12 | Details Inside

      Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 12 operating system Rumors are buzzing around, as leaks of its system requirements surface. Just two years after Windows 11’s release, Microsoft seems to be gearing up for its successor.

      Windows 12 is expect to bring major platform upgrades, modernizing the OS with AI, quicker updates, and enhanced security.

      As per rumors Microsoft aim to modernize the Windows platform.

      Windows Core OS was an attempt to create a lightweight, secure, and fast-to-update platform.

      So, Microsoft never launch a version for traditional PC form factors.

      Windows 10X was cancel in 2021 after extensive testing and development.

      As per sources, Microsoft’s plans indicate that the company is working on a new project call as CorePC.

      This project intends to modernize the Windows platform with similar innovations as Windows Core OS, but with a focus on compatibility for legacy Win32 applications.

      CorePC is design to be modular and customizable, allowing Microsoft to configure different “editions” of Windows with various feature and app compatibility levels.

      As per rumors, CorePC is to implement state separation, allowing for faster updates and a more secure platform by creating read-only partitions.

      State separation also enables quicker and more reliable system reset functionality, crucial for competing with Chromebooks in the education sector.

      Microsoft’s approach with CorePC is to deconstruct the full Windows desktop into a modular, adaptable system while maintaining support for legacy apps and workflows as need.

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      This strategy could enable Microsoft to deliver a Windows version that rivals Chromebooks in terms of OS size, performance, and features.

      Microsoft is also reportedly exploring a “silicon-optimized” version of CorePC, focusing on AI capabilities and vertically integrate hardware and software experiences, similar to Apple Silicon.

      AI-driven features under development include context-aware prompts, object and text recognition within images, and dedicate hardware support for specific AI functions.

      As plans and features may change before the launch, techy and industry experts eagerly await further announcements and developments regarding the Windows 12.

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