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    Thursday, June 1, 2023

      Microsoft ‘Security Copilot’ : An AI-Powered Cybersecurity Tool Launched Based on OpenAI’s GPT-4

      Microsoft launch a tool to help cybersecurity professionals identify breaches, threat signals and better analyze data, using OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 generative artificial intelligence model.

      The tool call as ‘Security Copilot‘, is a simple prompt box that will help security analysts with tasks like summarizing incidents, analyzing vulnerabilities, and sharing information with co-workers on a pinboard.

      The assistant will use Microsoft’s security-specific model, which the company describe as “a growing set of security-specific skills” that is fed with more than 65 trillion signals every day.

      This launch comes amid a flurry of announcements from Microsoft to integrate AI into its most popular offerings.

      Microsoft has sought to outpace peers through multi-billion dollar investments in ChatGPT owner OpenAI, which recently release GPT-4 to perform a range of tasks from creating a real website through a hand drawn mock up to helping individuals calculate their taxes.

      As before, Microsoft roll out an image-creation feature for search engine Bing and browser Edge that will use the technology behind OpenAI’s DALL-E to create pictures based on text prompts.

      The tool call as ‘Bing Image Creator‘, will be available to users of the latest AI-power version of Bing and Edge preview.

      Bing Image Creator will be integrate into Bing chat, rolling out initially in Creative mode starting for users on desktop and mobile, Microsoft said in a blog post.

      Microsoft also announce Microsoft 365 Copilot, an AI-power upgrade for the company’s productivity apps.

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      During the company’s Microsoft 365 AI event on 16th March 2023, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella reveale that the new Microsoft 365 Copilot was coming to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and other productivity applications.

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