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      Microsoft to Launch “The New Windows” OS very soon.


      Microsoft is reportedly working on a new version of Windows, called “The New Windows.

      The company is expect to announce the new operating system soon.

      The major update to the operating system is expect to be announce sometime in March 2021.

      It’s being said that “The New Windows” could be the marketing name for “Windows 10X”.

      Microsoft is reportedly planning to announce a new version of Windows 10 and the company might consider naming this version as Windows 10X or “The New Windows“.

      The release date for the new version of Windows is still uncertain, but the announcement or teaser is not expect to be release until at least April 2021.

      Earlier it was believed that the Windows 10X will be for dual-screen devices but there has been a change in plan as it is expect to go on single-screen devices first which include laptops, tablets etc.

      The reason why Microsoft might delay the launch of Windows 10X, could be because of the expect arrival of Windows 10 21H1 first major update to Windows 10 in 2021.

      The update is expect to bring a new set of security features, remote access improvements and many more.


      • Windows 10X is Microsoft’s modernise version of Windows with simplified updating and maintenance, and which is more resistant to hacking and other issues, essentially turning PCs running the OS into appliances.
      • It features a new tablet-like Start Menu and can currently only run Modern Universal Windows Platform (UWPs) store apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).
      • Windows 10X will only be delivered pre-installed in approved hardware, another reason why the OS is expected to be more stable and is currently intended for low-cost single-screen laptops which compete with ChromeOS devices.
      • Instead of small tiles, it will have a simple list of apps including the recently accessed documents.
      • Also, one of the few new gestures simplifies multitasking where two apps can be connected side by side by swiping three fingers.
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      Microsoft had intended the OS to also run regular Win32 apps but was apparently not able to achieve performance targets to enable this.

      According to various sources, Microsoft is now planning a “What’s new for Windows” event in April/May or a “What’s new for Windows” session at the Build 2021 developer conference.

      This event is expect to take place after the “What’s new for gaming” event, which is schedule for late March.

      Windows 10X leaks showed that it will feature a new Action Centre and Start Menu.

      The operating system is expect to come pre-installed with PCs specifically designed for it. Also, these low-cost models will have educational and corporate users as their target audience.

      Microsoft Said :

      “Based on feedback and learnings during the past year of extensive remote work, learning and play, version 21H1 will be delivered with servicing technology.

      Windows 10, version 21H1 will have a scoped set of features improving security, remote access and quality.

      The features we are releasing in this update are focuse on the core experiences that customers have told us they’re relying on most right now.

      So, we optimized this release to support our customers’ most pressing needs,” .


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