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      Milagrow iMap Max | Milagrow iMap 10.0 | Milagrow Seagull Robot Vacuum Cleaners Launched in India | 2YODOINDIA


      An Indian consumer robots brand Milagrow has launch three new floor robot vacuums in the country.

      The cleaning devices will go on sale starting August 6 during the Amazon Prime Day 2020 sale.

      The three new robot vacuums include :

      1. Milagrow iMap Max,
      2. Milagrow iMap 10.0,
      3. Milagrow Seagull.

      All the robots feature independent navigation features and come integrated with the proprietary software called RT2R technology for enabling use in both commercial and domestic purposes.

      Key features of the premium Milagrow iMap Max include high pressure floor mopping and self-cleaning technology.

      RT2R : Real Time Terrain Recognition

      Price in India

      The Milagrow iMap Max is price at Rs. 99,990, including the water tank.

      The Milagrow iMap 10.0 is price a little less at Rs. 89,990,

      Milagrow Seagull is price only at Rs. 20,000 in India.

      The iMap Max robot vacuum is back by a two-year comprehensive warranty and a five-year warranty on the Japanese suction motor.

      The Milagrow iMap 10.0 and Milagrow Seagull come with a five-year suction motor warranty and a two-year comprehensive warranty.


      These robot vacuums will go on sale during the Amazon Prime Day 2020 sale to be held on August 6 and August 7.

      Milagrow iMap Max

      Specifications | Feature

      The premium Milagrow iMap Max is to be the “world’s first wet mopping and vacuuming robot that can self-clean its mops with a pressure of 40N”.

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      It puts pressure of 10N on the floor by two hydraulic shafts, based on an AI algorithm, enabling cleaning of stubborn stains.

      It comes with a base station that cleans the dirty mop inside the robot before allowing it to go back again for vacuuming and wet mopping.

      The software allows the iMap Max to already know where it has finished cleaning and return to where it began from.

      The iMap Max comes with customisable settings that allow users to reduce or enlarge the cleaning area before the robot goes back again for self-washing.

      There’s a Snail Touch Side brush on the vacuum to clean difficult spaces, like corners.

      The robot has a reusable 1-litre dust bag and has a LIDAR sensor for faster mapping and real-time path planning.

      The iMap Max packs a 5,200mAh battery and a 2,200pa powerful suction capable of picking even small stones or beans.

      Milagrow iMap 10.0

      Specifications | Feature

      The Milagrow iMap 10.0 is also a fully independent self-navigating robot vacuum that comes with an electronic water tank, but doesn’t offer the self-cleaning technology that comes with the iMap Max.

      It packs a 5,200mAh battery that is to last for up to three hours and offer powerful suction of 2,700pa.

      It also includes the LIDAR sensor that is to offer a cleaning accuracy of up to 8mm.

      It comes with a total of 18 sensors and is power by an octa-core CPU.

      The electronic water tank can carry sodium hypochlorite 1 percent solution to enable killing of COVID-19 spores on floor, the company claims.

      The Milagrow iMap 10.0 features a triple air filter system with HEPA12 that can remove 99.5 percent of particulate matter (PM) of up to 0.1 microns, and 99.97 percent of PM up to 0.3 microns.

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      Milagrow Seagull

      Specifications | Feature

      The Milagrow Seagull floor cleaning robot has a height of just 7.2cm, and it uses the ‘Gyro Mapping’ technology to determine orientation.

      It comes with anti-bacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties to help in minimising the spread of infections.

      This lesser price robot can help in slightly wet cleaning and it incorporates a NIDEC Brushless motor that has 1,500 pa suction power.

      This vacuum is ideal for hospital and other commercial areas.


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