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      Motorola Launched New Moto Secure App to Improve its User-Experience | Details Inside

      Motorola announce a new Moto secure app which enables users to control their privacy settings more easily. This new application from Motorola is design to be the “go-to destination for all the vital device security and privacy features” on your Moto smartphone.

      The Moto Secure App provides quick and simple access to all Android and Motorola security apps and settings install on your phone and is power by Motorola’s Thinkshield, a security platform create to safeguard your smartphone from malware, phishing, and many other dangers.

      Moto Secure App provides more than simply a central location to manage your phone’s security settings.

      The Moto Secure App has a few new security measures that are intend to give you an adds measure of security and, in Motorola’s words, “peace of mind.”

      Secure Folder” is a function that comes with the Moto Secure App.

      Which enables you to store critical data and apps in a password-protected folder.

      Also, you can use the Disguised Mode capability that is already integrate into your device to alter the names and icons of any programmes or files that are store in the safe folder by choosing from four different names and icon options.

      By using images and labels that only you understand, you can conceal important information like email accounts, digital wallets, and financial apps.

      Network Protection is another new function in Motorola’s new security software.

      When it discovers a security risk with a hotspot or Wi-Fi, this one will automatically let you know.

      By limiting 2G connections, the function can prevent spoofing—a technique by which a malicious actor impersonates a recognise or trust source and stop specific programmes from using open networks.

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      The Moto Secure App also includes a Privacy Dashboard that provides you with a clear, detail overview of which apps have recently had access to your calendar, contacts, files, camera, microphone, and location.

      You can manage app permissions, update security settings, and modify privacy controls directly from the Moto Secure App using the Privacy Dashboard.

      So you can quickly let an app know who is in charge if it doesn’t recognise its boundaries.

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