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      Nasa Reveals The Perfect Sleeping Position For Optimal Rest And Recovery | Details Inside

      Are you Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? NASA has find the best position to sleep in to get good sleep. The US space agency has found the best position to fall asleep quickly that was develop keeping astronauts in mind.

      Sleeping in space can be a tricky undertaking, given the fact that astronauts are not subject to the effects of gravity and need to be strap down to prevent risks of injury. 

      But to help astronauts sleep better in space, NASA has found the ideal position.

      How Zero-Gravity Position Enables Sleep?

      It’s called the “zero-gravity position” and is the position the human body would naturally take in the absence of gravity.

      What is this position, you wonder?

      As Lafuma Mobilier explain, in this position :

      “The legs are raised, the thighs and the torso thus form an angle of 127°, the perfect inclination for relaxation. The lumbar spine is in a neutral posture, the back is relieved and the blood circulates better.”

      This position is ideal for a myriad of reasons, starting with the fact that it reduces the pressure on the body to the minimum.

      Besides limiting the scope of snoring, this position also enables better blood circulation and reduced risk of gastric reflux, Opera Beds claims.

      Opera Beds Said :

      “They found the neutral position to mean the head is raised at a 90-degree angle and the body at around 120 degrees, with knees and elbows slightly bent,”.

      If you struggle with insomnia, snoring, and obstructive sleep apnea, the zero-gravity position could be especially useful.

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      According to Opera Beds, the zero-gravity position lifts the head and helps open up airways that can prevent vibration on the throat tissues, thereby reducing snoring.

      It also prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and blocking the airway which could again cause snoring.

      The position could also be especially useful for people with acid reflux and heartburn, helping reduce the symptoms of these conditions, according to Huffington Post.

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