Notice for Delhi-NCR People | Your Overage Vehicles to be Scrapped Under New Policy

Delhi Transport Department is set to launch a drive to identify diesel vehicles older than 15 years in the national capital region and send them for scrapping. The drive is set to be launch from Monday as part of the Delhi government’s new scrappage policy.

This move is aim at encouraging the vehicle owners in the national capital region to scrap overage vehicles.

Delhi Transport Commissioner Ashish Kundra said that under the drive the diesel vehicles older than 15 years will be identify and directly sent to the scrapping yard if they are found plying on city roads or park in public places.

Diesel vehicles over 10 years old and petrol vehicles more than 15 years will be ban and scrapped.

Only diesel vehicles that are above 15 years old will be pick.

Delhi government has empanelled eight scrappers and the list of which is available on the Delhi Transport Department’s website. 

Transport Commissioner Said :

“If our enforcement team finds any such vehicle park in public or running in the city, it will be impound and sent for scrapping. The money from scrapping will be given to the vehicle owner from 27th September 2021,”

The authorities has issue a notice in this regard which further simplifies the terms and conditions of the Centre’s newly launch transport scrapping policy for vehicle owners.

The notice states that not all the provisions of the Centre’s scrapping policy will be implement in the national capital.

It may be note that the Centre’s new automobile policy states that the old vehicles which clear the automated test will be able to operate as usual. 

Commercial vehicles over 15 years old and personal vehicles over 20 years old will not be allow to operate if they fail the automated fitness test.


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