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      UPDATE : Now You can Search, Navigate, and Play Videos on YouTube by Voice Commands on Web.


      YouTube has adds a voice commands input feature that can be use to search queries or navigate through videos on the streaming platform.

      The voice commands can be use to look for videos on the platform, navigate through results or pages, and play content as well.

      Feature also recognises natural language commands for easy operations.

      YouTube added HDR support for live streams as well.

      Easy to use, the new UI feature is quite similar to the voice search feature found on Android or iOS.

      To use the hands-free navigation commands, tap on the microphone icon on the right of the search bar.

      This opens up a box on the screen that shows the text, “listening.” You need to give your audio commands here.

      If you were playing a video, YouTube automatically pauses it for you to give your voice commands.

      There is also another microphone icon at the bottom of the new screen.

      You can use this to temporarily disable or enable speech-to-text.

      Users can choose from a wide range of languages to execute the voice command.

      A transcription of the queries is displayed on the box before the search results page opens up.

      If you give a command saying “play 2yodoindia tech news” it immediately starts playing a random tech video by us.

      But if you just say “2yodoindia” in the voice command, it will open many videos by 2yodo (related to the search query).

      The audio commands feature on can also be use to navigate other areas of the website.

      YouTube added HDR quality support for live stream videos thus enabling viewers to stream HDR content on any supported device.

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