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      Ola Electric Files Patents for 3 Electric Bikes with a Strong Semblance to the Roadster Concept | Details Inside

      Ola Electric has file patents for 3 upcoming electric motorcycles. These new motorcycles are similar to the Ola Roadster concept e-bike that is list on the company’s website. The famous Ola S1 e-scooter lineup has a huge hit even with the issues relating to battery fires previously.

      Ola Electric plans to get into the electric motorcycle segment with the filing of the patents for the upcoming motorcycles.

      Ola has comes with many ideas in the past but these recent patent filings could signal a new lineup.

      This new journals for patents in India indicate that three new patents for electric motorcycles were file by Ola.

      The three designs in the patents could translate to three different versions of the Cyber Racer model.

      The three models, from the patent images, have visual distinctions that set each of them apart from the others.

      As per the models, the patent with the thinnest tire and basic alloy wheel design seems to be the base model.

      It has a hub-mount motor at the rear wheel, a basic swingarm, and shock absorbers.

      It has sharp creases and a flat single-piece seat.

      The other two models are sportier than the base variant and both seemingly share the same basic specs including the powertrain, suspension, swingarm, and most of the details on the panel.

      There are however some differences that distinguish the two models from each other.

      One of the models comes with a single-seat architecture while the other features a dual-seat layout.

      The ergonomics are also slightly different between the two sporty models of the upcoming Ola Electric motorcycles.

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      The single-seat version has a taller and flatter handlebar while the other has a clip-on handlebar.

      There are still many differences between the three Ola Electric patents including their battery cooling, bodywork, and front faces.

      There are no indications yet on the launch date of these models.

      The patent filing could however indicate that the unveiling of the new Ola Electric motorcycles could be on the cards.

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