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      Ola’s Hypercharger Network to set up one lakh charging points in 400 cities

      Ola Electric Mobility plans to build a charging network for the electric scooters set to start rolling out from its massive Bengaluru factory.

      The Ola Hypercharger Network will be the world’s largest two-wheeler charging system, comprising 100,000 high-speed charging points in more than 400 Indian cities.

      Ola startup will set up 5,000 of the points in 100 cities, doubling such infrastructure in the country.

      Scooters will also comes with a home-charging kit.

      Ola Said :

      “the most comprehensive” set of charging options to its electric vehicle customers through a combination of widely deployed high-speed Ola Hyperchargers and the home-charger that will come bundled with the Ola Scooter.

      “The Ola Hypercharger Network will be the widest and densest electric two wheeler charging network in the world, with more than 100,000 charging points across 400 cities”.

      World’s largest E-Scooter Factory to make EV

      Good amount of charging infrastructure is crucial to accelerate electric-vehicle adoption in India.

      This startup is support by SoftBank and Tiger Global Management said its system will take 18 minutes to an electric-scooter battery to 50% charge.

      Which will allow for a drive of 75 kilometres (47 miles).

      The chargers will be located in city centres, business districts, office towers, and other crowded areas.

      Customers will be able to pay and track charging progress by an app which will build the system with partners.

      Ola said its scooters will be price “attractive” to make them affordable to buyers of India.

      Ola also has plans to export scooters to foreign markets.

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