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      OpenAI GPT-4o Begins Rolling Out to Some Users and Partners Up With Reddit | Details Inside

      OpenAI is making significant strides in the artificial intelligence landscape with two major announcements. The rollout of GPT-4o to select users introduces enhanced capabilities, including the much-anticipated web searching feature, promising a more powerful and versatile AI experience.

      In parallel, OpenAI has partnered with Reddit to integrate its content into ChatGPT and other upcoming AI products, enriching the data pool and providing users with more comprehensive and informed interactions.

      These developments highlight OpenAI’s ongoing efforts to refine its technology and expand the utility and reach of its AI offerings.

      OpenAI GPT-4o Begins Rolling Out to Some Users, Gets Web Searching Capability

      OpenAI GPT-4o artificial intelligence (AI) model was launch and it is now being roll out to some users.

      The newest flagship-grade AI model by the company introduced significant improvements in the speech and vision capabilities of the chatbot, as well as added a better understanding of the language and context of the queries.

      For now, users are getting the AI model with limited access and the voice and video features are not available to use.

      People can use its text and web search capabilities.

      Currently, users cannot do anything to get access faster than others.

      There is no waitlist to join.

      But, users will require an OpenAI account to be eligible for this update.

      Once GPT-4o is available, users will get a message when opening the website which mentions that they can now access it in a limited capacity.

      If you have the same account on your Android or iOS app, you will get access to the model there as well.

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      Do note, that reloading the page will make the message disappear.

      There is an easy test to check whether you have GPT-4o or not (in case you might have missed the message).

      After opening the ChatGPT website, you can see a collapsible menu on the top left within the margin.

      If you do not have access to GPT-4o, and you’re a free user, it will show ChatGPT 3.5 and give you the option to sign up for ChatGPT Plus with access to GPT-4.

      But, if you do have access to the new AI model, the menu will not mention any numbers and simply mention ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus.

      The lightning icon is replace with two intersecting elliptical circles (looks like a minimalist atom icon).

      We took the new AI model for a spin and found some improvements in its responses. One particular use case was in solving mathematical equations.

      Compare to GPT-3.5, it now shows the answers in a better format and does not complete multiple steps in one go.

      Creative generation is also more fluid and the usage of its ‘robotic’ language has reduce significantly.

      And the biggest upgrade is that this model can search the web to give you the latest information, so you do not have to worry about its knowledge cut-off anymore.

      Every web-based search result now comes with citations for which website was use to get the information.

      OpenAI Partners Up With Reddit to Bring Its Content to ChatGPT and New AI Products

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      OpenAI and Reddit have enter into a partnership that will see the artificial intelligence (AI) firm get access to Reddit’s real-time data for ChatGPT and any new AI products the company launches in the future.

      Reddit will also be able to leverage OpenAI’s technology to bring AI-power features to its platform.

      OpenAI will also become an advertiser on the latter’s platform.

      The social media platform signed a similar deal with Google in February, report to be worth $60 million (approx. Rs. 500 crore) a year.

      The details of the partnership were share in a blog post from Reddit.

      No financial terms were reveal.

      OpenAI will get access to Reddit’s Data API (application programming interface), which will allow the company to pull real-time content from the platform and use it for ChatGPT and future products.

      It was not mention whether the data will be use to train the AI models or to show up as query results.

      The latter would not be out of the question given that many recent rumours suggest that OpenAI is working on an AI-power search engine that could rival Google Search.

      Reddit is also benefitting from this deal as the social media platform will get access to OpenAI’s AI models to build features for its platform.

      The company said it will soon introduce AI features for redditors and the mods (the moderators of subreddits).

      OpenAI made a disclosure in its announcement post, confirming that company CEO Sam Altman was a shareholder in Reddit.

      The deal was led by COO Brad Lightcap and was approve by its independent Board of Directors.

      SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filings of Reddit highlight that Altman is the third largest shareholder of the company.

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      In 2023, Reddit had spark outrage in its community by announcing its intentions to charge for its API, which was kept free ever since the company’s inception.

      The change was not well receive in the community as many third-party apps that use its API could not afford to run, and many subreddits went private to protest the move.

      But, the company remain firm on its decision.

      Now, one year later, the API is a commercial tool which has already sold to Google and OpenAI.

      The social media platform went public in March 2024.

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