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OpenAI Makes ChatGPT Available for Companies to Integrate in Apps | Details Inside | 2YODOINDIA

OpenAI Makes ChatGPT Available for Companies to Integrate in Apps | Details Inside

OpenAI is making its ChatGPT tool available to companies to incorporate into their own apps as it seeks commercial uses for the wildly popular chatbot. As OpenAI introduce ChatGPT to the public in November, is now offering paid access for businesses and developers who want to use the software’s ability to answer questions and generate text in their own applications and products.

Customers will be able to hook their apps into ChatGPT’s application programming interface, giving them the same version of the GPT 3.5 model that OpenAI itself uses at a cost 10 times lower than OpenAI’s existing models.

Instacart, Shopify and Snap are among companies already using the ChatGPT API in their products, San Francisco-based OpenAI said in a blog post. 

OpenAI has generate huge public interest in the best-known artificial intelligence systems of the past year ChatGPT, which creates text, and image generator DALL-E — the company also needs to figure out how to accelerate revenue growth and pay for the huge cloud-computing bills these massive AI models rack up.

In January 2023, OpenAI negotiate an expansion of Microsoft Corp.’s investment in the company, adding a reported $10 billion (approx. Rs. 82,400 crore).

Last month, OpenAI start a waitlist for companies and developers who want to use ChatGPT in their own apps and is selling a premium version to individuals. 

The AI research company acknowledge that ChatGPT has gone down too often recently and said it will prioritize companies and users running public applications on platform.

OpenAI writes :

“For the past two months our uptime has not met our own expectations nor that of our users,”.

“Our engineering team’s top priority is now stability of production use-cases.” 

Instacart will add ChatGPT to its shopping app, blending it with Instacart’s own AI and catalog of available products.

Customers will be able to ask the app to do things like suggest healthy options for kids and give instructions for how to make great fish tacos, the company said.

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Shopify will also use the chatbot for its consumer app when shoppers search for a product, ChatGPT will offer recommendations.

Quizlet is building an AI tutoring experience where ChatGPT’s question and answer style is use to replicate the Socratic method, said Chief Executive Officer Lex Bayer.

ChatGPT can also make up a story in the language being studied and test reading comprehension, or take a vocabulary list and turn it into a paragraph for foreign language learning. 

It’s a use for the chatbot that might be more welcome to teachers, who have mostly focuse on concerns students are using it to cheat and automate homework. 

Snap announce it’s also among the new ChatGPT customers, releasing an AI-enable chatbot to Snapchat Plus members, who pay $3.99 (approx. Rs. 330) a month to subscribe.

Trained to display a “unique tone and personality,” Snapchat’s My AI can be use to recommend birthday gift ideas, dinner recipes and “even write a haiku about cheese for your cheddar-obsessed pal,” Snap said.

It will eventually be roll out to all Snap members. 

While OpenAI also unveile access to its Whisper speech recognition system, which can be use for transcription. 

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