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    Tuesday, April 23, 2024

      Paytm & CRED Launched Initiatives to Tackle Oxygen Shortages

      Paytm has Launch a fundraising campaign to fight the shortage of oxygen in India. The Paytm is raising Rs. 10 crores to donate oxygen concentrators across the country. This initiative is called “Oxygen for India”.

      CRED is also trying to help with oxygen supplies and came with healthcare fundraising platform Milaap to fight the shortage of oxygen in India.

      The CRED says it plans to distribute a billion litres of the life-saving gas through this partnership.

      Paytm is requesting users to donate money through a dedicated portal and in return promising to match each contribution made.

      CRED is working with Milaap to procure and distribute oxygen concentrators.

      The CRED is asking its users to donate their loyalty points, called CRED coins.

      Milaap will provide the details of how it will deploy the funds that it receives from CRED for procuring and distributing concentrators through a microsite by 3rd May 2021 to ensure transparency for the process.

      CRED also open to fund ideas that can make hospitals self-sufficient in oxygen by oxygen generators on-site or equipping other containers to move oxygen.

      The CRED has also set up an in-house COVID task force to collate resources from various sources to help its full-time employees, contractors, and interns in the pandemic.


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