Philips Air Mask | 2YoDo Full Review | Price Rs 6,990

Now-a-days we need face masks for many reason and because of the air pollution in cities. And additional perk came the coronavirus which made everyone aware of what a face mask is.

Due to the pollution levels you should be ready with pollution filtering masks, to breathe better.

Price in India

New Philips Air Mask price set at Rs 6,990.


The main highlight of this mask is two-way filtration with an integrated fresh air fan, to help tide over the feeling of breathlessness.

The Philips Air Mask is a unique proposition for face masks.

With a built-in fan help a lot of people who suffer from breathlessness or choking while wearing a mask beyond a certain period of time.

There are not too many known options which for such a problem.

The Philips Air Mask and the 6000 Series will be much simpler to use and maintain.

Micro USB charging, washable mesh layer and filtering out the PM 2.5 particles.

The Philips Air Mask follows the simple idea of double masking.

Philips Air Mask is basically two masks in one.

The outer layer is a structurally robust mesh structure which integrates the fan module.

Philips Air mask fits well without sliding down or feeling too tight.

Also his section is removable and good thing too because you’ll need to charge this as well.

The inner layer is a multi-layer mask and the two of these layers meld together to give you what Philips claims is 4-layer air filtration for the air you breathe.

Philips Air Mask inhaled and exhaled air has to pass through this filter before the fan pushes the exhaled air out.

You must be thinking that how the exhaled air is blown out by the fan in your mask actully the direction of the vents face downwards which means the particles that are blown out head towards the ground and never remain at breathing level for adults.


The inner layer is what you need to look to replace after a some amount of use.

You’ll get one replaceable filter layer as part of the box.

Every layer of the inner mask should last you up to 122 hours give or take.

None of these layers are N95 or N99 certified though and you need to remember this is purely a anti-pollution mask.

Philips Air Mask comes with three fan speeds which is depending on what you need at the time.

You probably go higher if you’re running and slower if you’re walking or exercising.

The battery life would depend on the speed, but this shouldn’t last about 4 hours of use at slow fan speed before the fan module needs to be charge again.


The price of this anti-pollution mask is around Rs 6,990.

A lot of people are genuinely at extreme discomfort with breathing issues while wearing face masks during running, jogging or exercises.

And this is a best solution for them because the fan certainly makes breathing easier by pushing what you breathe out quicker and allowing new air to filter through quicker as a result.

Philips Air Mask has a speed up of a cycle which maybe we don’t good enough.


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