Pros and Cons of Windows 11 | Detailed Review by RRD

Windows 11 beta version was release by Microsoft on 24th June, 2021. Microsoft Windows 11 is set to come in the market by the end of the year. Windows 11 comes with more advanced and user-friendly features. Before Starting all below reviews based on Rrahul Dwivedi usage and experience

Microsoft Windows 11

The new version of Windows OS is set to launch in the market in late Oct or Nov this year.

Microsoft Windows 11 will have lots of user-friendly features with easy navigation, search options, and a whole new collection of themes.

Windows 11 will be free to upgrade only on a genuine Windows 10 computer/laptop.

It means that you need to have a genuine copy of Windows 10 on your computer to download Windows 11 for free.

Advantages (Pros) of Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 is consider the advance replacement for Business, personal, and gaming use.

Graphical Changes

Microsoft Windows 11 comes with themes all new and different including the start button and start-up sound.

There are huge improvement in User Interface which surprisingly adapts to the user screen automatically.

Microsoft Windows 11 comes with Floating login screen, Redesigned taskbar, Adaptive Cursor, Fresh icons & system tray, and customize Notification are super like.

The start button will place in the centre of the taskbar which can be move to the left on the desktop.

Enhanced Task View

Microsoft Windows 11 a multi-window task will be a add to the advantages of Windows 11 to users as they will be able to switch between window panes easily.

The multitasking feature of Microsoft Windows 11 will make it easier for users to organize windows in different sizes.

Windows 11 will remember your chosen settings so you can switch to custom view instantly and never have to arrange again the active windows.

Tablet Mode

Windows 11 will bring tablet mode in which users will be able to interact with the screen through voice typing, touch screen, custom keyboard settings, and digital pen.

Tablet Mode will only be compatible with convertible devices.

The Microsoft Windows 11 will also come integrated with Microsoft Store, Android Application Support with Amazon App store.


In Microsoft Windows 11 instant-search will enable users to see the result as they type their query, then it provides the result from which the best option can be select.

Your search will further speed up by a strong configuration, including faster system updates.


Xbox and Microsoft Teams have integrated which adds to the advantages of Windows 11 users and whether home users or Pro.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Windows 11

Specific System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 11 install with at least 4 GB and 64 GB hard disk space, The machine must have a TPM security version of TPM 1.2 or higher and Secure Boot Capable support along with a processor that has two or more cores and a clock speed of 1GHz or higher to be compatible with Windows 11.

All that minimum system requirements are a must for Windows 11, PC or laptops with this configuration will cost more to users.

The important issue will be the Graphics card (Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver) which may cost further.

Some users may find it very hard to switch to an upgraded environment.

User Adaptability

Even Windows 11 said to overcome some limitations of Windows 10 but some users may take time to acclimate to the new features.

As i noticed that removal of Skype, Paint 3D in the latest version may add to the disadvantages of Windows 11.

Possible Upgrade Issues

Microsoft releases system updates from time to time but problems may occurs for Windows 10 users later if Microsoft makes it mandatory to upgrade.

If you remember this happened when XP users had to migrate to Windows 7, Windows 7 users had to switch to Windows 10.

Training and Troubleshooting

If you face a problem in the operating system then the technical professionals need to troubleshoot it.

As the new version of the Operating system brings advanced features also it may not be easy at the beginning for tech support to get to the root cause easily.

Manufacturers would have to invest in training their IT guys.

Also Training both the employees and tech support professionals may add to the disadvantages of Windows 11 for business.


There are mix feeling to make while deciding whether Windows 11 will meet the expectations of gamers and home users.

Without a hardware upgrade it may not be possible for many to enjoy this version.

Reviewed By Rrahul Dwivedi


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