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Proton Mail Update : Proton has Announced a Complete Overhaul of Its Mail and Calendar Apps | 2YODOINDIA

Proton Mail Update : Proton has Announced a Complete Overhaul of Its Mail and Calendar Apps

Proton Mail is looking to topple Gmail with new features. Privacy-focus email provider Proton has announce a complete overhaul of its Mail and Calendar apps. The Swiss company’s service, whose USP is end-to-end encryption of user emails, has fallen behind the likes of Gmail and Apple Mail in recent years, both of which tout more advance features.

As Proton now hopes to reverse its fortune by improving the current user experience of its suite and offering similar elements to its competitors.

Proton has introduce some fairly substantial updates to its app most notably email scheduling. 

This update has become a more in-demand feature since the surge in hybrid working and flexible hours has blur the boundaries between work and home life, allowing workers to send mail at times appropriate for their colleagues to read. 

Proton also adds email snoozing, design to allow workers to set up their own focus times, and categorization, which the company hopes will be able to automatically filter out emails like social media notifications.

As of the Calendar, users can expect to find a to-do list for task management and easier sharing to help alert colleagues of availability. 

The user experience seems to have a high priority this time around, too, with improvements set to come to homescreen widgets, in-app weather information, local holidays, and contacts’ birthdays.

Proton hasn’t specified when these updates will become available, but has instead share them as a work in progress.

Expect rollouts to begin in 2023.

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