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      Punjab and Haryana High Court Uses ChatGPT in Bail Plea Hearing and Rejects Petition Filed by Accused

      Punjab Haryana High Court became the first court in India to have use ChatGPT technology to decide on the bail plea of an accuse and it reject the petition.

      The Punjab Haryana High Court bench led by Anoop Chitkara sought the response of ChatGPT and hearing the bail application of an accuse arrested in June 2020 for alleged rioting, criminal intimidation, murder, and criminal conspiracy.

      Justice Anoop Chitkara assess the reply receive from ChatGPT and reject the bail plea of the accuse on the basis of his experiences and decisions given earlier.

      Anoop Chitkara said :

      “To inflict death is cruel in itself, but if cruelty leads to death, then the situation changes. When a physical assault is committed in a brutal manner, the parameters of bail also change”.

      The Punjab Haryana High Court, also made it clear that “Any reference to ChatGPT and any observation made, is only intended to present a broader picture on bail jurisprudence, where cruelty is a factor“.

      Responding to the use of ChatGPT by the court, a High Court lawyer Saurav said :

      “It is a good step, it can have both positive and negative effects, which will be decided in the future. He also said that artificial intelligence cannot be a threat to the jobs of lawyers, it can only be used as a tool”.

      Nishadh Ahuja, who has been practising in the High Court for the last 3 years, while reacting to the judgment in the High Court using ChatGPT, said that in the initial stages, the use of ChatGPT may not be a threat to us, and can be use as a tool to make our work easier in the future.

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      Chiryanshu, other lawyer who has practising in the Punjab Haryana High Court for the last 5 years, said that the use of ChatGPT is still in the early stages.

      Chiryanshu Said :

      “Because ChatGPT and artificial intelligence are in their early stages, it is too early to say that this could threaten a lawyer’s job. Giving examples, he said that when computers were in the initial stages, people thought that computers would take away their jobs, but if seen today, all the work in the IT sector is done with computers and it is creating employment for many people,”.

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