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      Ram Setu The Run : Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu Movie Mobile Game Launched for Android and iOS

      Ram Setu got an official mobile game as Akshay Kumar Movie Becomes Endless Runner Mobile Game for Android and iOS. In a partnership between nCore Games and Amazon Prime Video, Akshay Kumar-led action-adventure movie has receive an endless runner game.

      Ram Setu: The Run comes from Mumbai-based developer Dot9 Games, boasting local split-screen multiplayer, cinematic elements, and cinematic visuals inspire by the upcoming movie releasing on 25th October 2022, in theatres.

      Ram Setu: The Run is now available to download for free on Android and iOS devices.

      nCore’s latest mobile game features traditional endless runner elements, featuring obstacles that one needs to jump or roll through. 

      Ram Setu: The Run draws inspiration from the movie to add spinning blades, explosive barrels, and trucks bashing in from the sides, urging players to switch up their strategy.

      This is adding to the random thugs popping in, who can be knock out by timing a down swipe sending your character into a flying kick attack.

      Players can choose between the three leading roles of Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha play by Akshay Kumar, Sandra play by Jacqueline Fernandez, or AP play by Satyadev Kancharana.

      The last two can be unlocked using gold earned via playthrough.

      The mechanics draw inspiration from likes of Temple Run, adding magnets for easy pickings, a shield, and score multipliers.

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      Each of the three characters can be upgrade for tougher runs in the future and can be dress in windproof gear.

      The latter can be purchase using diamonds, a rare in-game commodity.

      Additionally, Ram Setu: The Run often spawns jeeps, which understandably, grants speed and lets you smash through obstacles.

      It is limited to only two hits.

      Then there are drones, shooting down lasers, which can be avoide by a simple screen swipe.

      Deepak Ail, Co-Founder and CEO, Dot9 Games, in a prepared statement Said :

      “Ram Setu: The Run is our attempt at marrying our prowess in game development with a blockbuster IP to bring a polished, entertaining gaming experience that anyone can just pick up and play,”.

      “To further underscore our commitment to that, our team has worked hard to ensure it is optimised well enough to be playable even on low-end smartphones as well as tablets. Gaming is for everyone and Ram Setu: The Run is our effort in making that a reality.”

      Ram Setu: The Run is out now on Android and iOS.

      • Click HERE to Download Ram Setu: The Run for Andriod
      • Click HERE to Download Ram Setu: The Run for iOS

      The Akshay Kumar-led Ram Setu movie releases this Diwali on 25th October 2022, in theatres.

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