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      Realme Buds Q Review | 2YODO Recommendation | 2YODOINDIA


      Realme introduce its first TWS earphones Buds Air.

      2YODO found them to be unrivaled in terms of value for money.

      Now the company also has another true wireless set Realme Buds Q.

      Already selling in China, India, and Europe,

      2YODO decided to see if they really are as good as they look or if the company cut too many things to make the Rs. 1,999 price tag.

      Unlike the Buds Air, the Buds Q are bean-shaped with rubber tips, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Buds design.

      Realme is really proud that it signed Jose Levy to lead its design and for good reason the Buds Q truly look premium.

      The initial impression slightly suffers when you hold the all-plastic case in your hand as the build isn’t quite as impressive.

      The Realme Buds Q earphones weigh just 3.6g each

      2YODO appreciate that it total weighs just 35.3 grams,

      You would expect TWS earbuds for Rs. 1,999 to be sub-par on sound, but Realme put some rather solid 10mm driver with dynamic bass boost, and the result is a deep realistic sound that truly immerses you into the music.

      The Realme Buds Q are lacking active noise cancellation that almost goes without saying at this price point, so you are left with the passive cancellation as provided by the reasonably tight seal of the rubber tip.

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      You do touch sensor on both buds which can be used for different features Play/Pause, next track, or hold for Gaming Mode.

      That mode improves latency to 119 ms, which is one millisecond faster than the Realme Buds Air.

      Unlike its sibling that is totally not a copy off the Apple AirPods, the Buds Q do not have any sort of wireless charging.

      Worse yet you get a micro USB port, which is very hard to live with in 2020.

      The company tried to save the day with providing 400 mAh battery into the case that would provide 20 hours on a single charge,

      With each bud having about 4.5 hours playback time on its own both very respectable numbers.

      It is easy to find where Realme cut costs to bring the price to a minimum.

      But even with the wonky build, the lack of active noise cancellation and the unimpressive charging capabilities, the Buds Q is unlikely to have a challenger at this price tag with its remarkable sound and quick effortless connectivity.

      2YODO Recommendation

      Realme’s most affordable true wireless headset also delivers the best sound, and I don’t mean ‘for the price’. At Rs. 1,999,

      The Realme Buds Q is a better option than the Realme Buds Air and Buds Air Neo when it comes to sound quality.

      The low weight and no-nonsense design also work well for this pair of earphones.

      Decent performance on calls is an added bonus.

      There are definitely some issues with the gesture controls, and sound quality isn’t quite as impressive as on the similarly priced OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z.

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      You do still have to pay a slight premium for true wireless earphones,

      The Realme Buds Q offers as much as is possible considering that.

      It’s a close call between the Realme Buds Q and the Redmi Earbuds S,

      But the Buds Q just about edges past in terms of sound quality.

      It’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking to buy a pair of true wireless earphones right now but want to spend as little as possible.

      Price : Rs. 1,999


      • Very light
      • Looks good
      • AAC codec support
      • App for function customisation
      • Battery levels
      • Gentle
      • Calculated sound
      • Decent call quality


      • Gesture controls don’t work well
      • Doesn’t sound too good at low volumes
      • No indicator lights on the earphones
      • Average battery life

      2YODOINDIA Ratings

      Remarks2YODOINDIA Ratings (out of 10)
      Design/ comfort8.5
      Audio quality7.5
      Battery life7
      Value for money9
      2YODOINDIA Ratings Realme Buds Q


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