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      Republic of Bharat : A Call for Rediscovering National Identity | 2YoDo’s Opinion

      Names hold a significance role in shaping our identity and instilling pride in us. They reflect our heritage, culture, and history, and in the case of nations, they carry the weight of centuries of tradition.

      In the vast tapestry of the Indian subcontinent, the name “India” has become synonymous with the nation.

      But, there is a growing movement to officially revert to its original name, “Bharat,” as a means to reconnect with our roots, acknowledge our heritage, and foster a renew sense of national pride.

      The call to have “Bharat” adorn our chests during significant events like the Cricket World Cup is a poignant and symbolic step in this direction.

      Names are not merely arbitrary labels; they are powerful symbols of identity.

      They can encapsulate a nation’s history, its values, and its people.

      In the case of India, the name “India” itself has a complex history.

      It was bestow upon the subcontinent by the British colonial rulers, who left an indelible mark on the region’s history.

      While “India” is recognize worldwide, the name “Bharat” holds a deeper cultural and historical significance.

      It is root in ancient texts and mythology and represents the essence of the Indian identity.

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      The call to officially embrace “Bharat” as the nation’s name is more than just a linguistic change, it is a step towards reclaiming our cultural heritage.

      “Bharat” is a name that resonates with millions of Indians who view it as a symbol of their roots and a connection to their ancestors.

      It reflects the rich tapestry of languages, traditions, and beliefs that make up the Indian subcontinent.

      The historical context is crucial in understanding the desire to revert to “Bharat.”

      During the colonial period, the British Empire impose its own nomenclature on various regions it ruled.

      “India” emerge from this colonial legacy, and for many, it carries the baggage of that era.

      Reverting to “Bharat” is seen as a way to shed this colonial influence and return to a name that is deeply entrench in our history and culture.

      2YoDoINDIA Open Letter to BCCI (2YoDoINDIA Bharat Campaign)

      Virendra Sehwag Opinion

      After the buzz around renaming India to ‘Republic of Bharat‘, former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag support for the nation’s name to be change to ‘Bharat’ officially.

      The legendary cricketer also urge the BCCI and Jay Shah to have the Indian team wear jerseys with the name ‘Bharat’ on it for the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023.

      In response to BCCI’s tweet with the Team India squad announcement, Virender Sehwag said :

      An official invite by the President of India Droupadi Murmu for the G20 dinner spark a talk as for the first time the term ‘President of Bharat‘ was use in an official invite to head of state attending the G20 summit.

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      As per report, the Narendra Modi government is likely to bring a new resolution during the Special Session of the Parliament to rename India as Bharat.

      2YoDo’s Opinion

      We “2YoDoINDIA” representing this sentiment, is urging the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and key figures like Jay Shah to take a bold step during the upcoming Cricket World Cup.

      Our call is simple yet powerful, let our cricket players wear “Bharat” on their chests, not just as a symbol of unity on the field but also as a tribute to our share heritage.

      This request is not about erasing the name “India” but rather about celebrating the name “Bharat” alongside it.

      It is an acknowledgment that our nation is a mosaic of identities, languages, and cultures, and “Bharat” is a name that unites us all.

      The call to have “Bharat” on the chests of our cricket players during the World Cup represents a yearning to reconnect with our cultural roots, break free from the colonial past, and embrace a name that reflects our rich heritage.

      It is a call for national pride, unity, and identity.

      Names have power, and in the case of India, “Bharat” is a name that reminds us of our ancient civilization, diverse cultures, and shared history.

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      It is a call worth heeding, as it reminds us that our identity is rooted in the past but flourishing in the present, and it deserves to be celebrate on a global stage.

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