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Shocking Historical Events that Nobody can Explain

In this modern age, people expect to have every mystery solve and every question answered. But truth is, history is full of extraordinary events and occurrences whic have remain unexplain for years.

There have been disappearing islands, never-ending thunderstorms, and what could be a message from aliens.

Comfortable Hole

Koko was a gorilla who shock the world with her sign language ability.

She can communicate with people through sign, and said some profound statements along the way.

Penny Patterson, an animal psychologist, reveal that Koko talk about the afterlife.

When ask “where do animals go when they die?” Koko said “a comfortable hole.”

The answer has confuse many people, and ignite philosophical debates.

Preserved Princess

Xin Zhui was a royal figure who died in 163 BCE in China.

When her tomb was found, they discover a body that stay preserve for more than 2,000 years after her death.

She still had hair, eyelashes, blood in her veins, and melon seeds in her stomach.

Scientists were shock by the preservation.

Overnight Genius

Derek Amato shock the world in 2006, when he basically became a musical genius overnight.

When he was 39, Amato dove into a shallow swimming pool and suffer a serious head injury.

Suddenly, Amato became musically gift, and start composing music for piano.

He’s since become a musical savant, and scientists struggle to explain how it all happen.

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Never-Ending Thunderstorm

Scientists have also been shock by Hector, a thundercloud that forms nearly every day, over the Tiwi Islands in Australia.

Known as Hector the Convector, the cloud has been call a “consistent thunderstorm,” and meteorologists have muse about its many causes.

Unreadable Message

Over 500 years ago, a text was written in an unknown language by an unknown author.

The handwritten text is known as the Voynich manuscript, name after Wilfrid Voynich.

Voynich was a book dealer who bought the text in 1912.

Some say it hails from Northern Italy, and codebreakers have work hard to figure it out, but there’s been no leads as to what it means.

Dancing Plagues

Reports of “dancing mania,” taking place between the 14th and 17th centuries, have long puzzle historians and sociologists.

A “dance epidemic” occurr in 1518 in Strasbourg, with around 400 people seeming to spontaneously dance and lose themselves.

It was no laughing matter with reported heart attacks, other health conditions, and even deaths.

Some say that the craze was cause by a “mass psychogenic illness,” but there are no clear answers as to what definitively caused this weird occurrence.

“Wow” Signal

Reports of alien sightings have long mystified historians, but in the late ’70s, we receive probably the most credible evidence.

A 72-second long signal was record by Ohio State University’s Big Ear Radio telescope.

Named the “Wow!” signal, it has never repeated, and there haven’t been many credible answers for the occurrence.

It remains the biggest indicator that aliens are out there.

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Cleopatra’s Tomb

As with Mozart and Genghis Khan, no one knows where Cleopatra’s tomb is located.

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Many believe she was bury with her lover, Antony, but the exact location has never been determine.

In recent years there were reports that archaeologists broke through and found it, but the location of the long-lost burial site remains a mystery.

Million Dollar Can

Back in 2013, a couple discover a large can filled with over 1,400 gold coins.

The question is, who did the treasure belong to?

The discovery was made in Gold Country, California, and the coins were roughly date to the Gold Rush era. 

They were mostly US$20 coins, amounting to US$27,980.

They are value at US$10 million.

The U.S. Mint said they had no information linking the hoard with any money manufacturer, and the couple kept the coins.

Phaistos Disc

There are hundreds of historical objects with ancient writings and messages.

The Phaistos Disc is unique, since no one can read what on Earth it says.

Some say it’s a board game, others claim it’s a calendar.

The Bronze Age object has never been properly define.

It was discover in Phaistos, Crete.

Disappearing Village

The mystery of Angikuni Lake has long mystified historians.

It was once the location of an Inuit village, the inhabitants of which reportedly vanishe and never to be find.

Legend has it that back in 1930, fur trapper Joe Labelle happened upon the village, finding nothing but dead sled dogs and no one else.

A conclusive explanation has never surface.

Joyita was a merchant vessel which is also the subject of years-long mystery.

Back in 1955, the boat vanished from the South Pacific.

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Disappearing Crew

Once Joyita was found, it was clearly above water, but there was not a single soul onboard.

25 people reportedly set sail on the boat.

Reports say none of the crew were find.

Island that never was

There’s something about islands that have always inspire intrigue and mystery.

The island of Bermeja has been an entertaining source for stories, mainly because it doesn’t exist.

Bermeja appear on maps right up until the 20th century.

There have been many theories about the island.

One of which suggests that the island did exist, but was destroy by the CIA for economic reasons.

Raining Meat

In 1876, a woman named Mrs. Crouch experience an unbelievable event of natural phenomena.

While sitting on her porch, she observe red meat rain from the sky.

It was initially thought that it was some sign of God, or a plague.

Scientists have investigate, but no clear answers have been find.

Some say the meat was regurgitate by vultures, who may have been startle into flight just after feeding. 

Disappearing Prime Minister

Harold Edward Holt serve as the Prime Minister of Australia from 1966 unti, he disappear off the face of the Earth.

Harold Edward Holt was out for a swim with four friends at the remote Cheviot Beach.

Suddenly, his body was rapidly taken by the sea, and witnesses saw him vanish.

A huge search was conduct, but nothing was find.


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