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Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts that Every MacBook User Must Know

You must giving your significant part of our day in front of your laptops, and there is no doubt that keyboard shortcuts make our lives easier. One of the critical features of the MacBook is that it offers a range of such keyboard shortcuts.

If you are new to Mac, learning all of them can be a real difficult.

Lets Learn some….

Most Important MacBook Shortcuts :

Command + W

This shortcut closes all the active windows.

When you have open several windows, closing all of them individually can be a hassle.

Use this shortcut and all the active windows will disappear.

Command + Comma (,)

It is the least-known keyboard command on a Mac, but it is helpful.

You are working on an app and you wish to change the application’s preferences.

Rather of going to the menu bar and navigating the preferences, you can use this shortcut and the preferences will be right in front of you.

Command + F

This is one of the most common MacBook shortcuts.

When you are on a document and you want to find a specific word.

Just use this shortcut and a search bar will open in front of you, type the word you are looking for and it will be highlighted for you.

Command + Space

When you use this shortcut, the spotlight search bar will open right in front of you.

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You may search for whatever you wish to find in your MacBook.

Command + L

This shortcut is essential when you are using Safari.

It takes you directly to the address bar and you can just start typing what you are looking for.

Command + Left / Right arrows

Command and left arrow will take you back to the previous page in your browser.

On the other hand, Command and right arrow will take you one page forward.

fn – Left / Right arrows

Jump directly to the top or bottom of a web page using the Function key and the right (to the bottom of the page) or left (to the top of the page) arrows on the keyboard.

Press fn two times

When you press the Function (fn) key, twice a Dictation will open in your MacBook.

You can then start speaking and press fn once again when you have finish.

Command + Shift + T

You can use this shortcut to go back to your last closed tab on your web browser.

This shortcut can be a lifesaver when you have close an essential tab by mistake without copying the URL.

Command + Control + Q

Suppose you are walking away from your Mac.

Use this keyboard shortcut to quickly lock your MacBook.


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