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      Telegram Premium Spot on Latest iOS Beta which Offers Premium Stickers and Reaction Emojis

      Telegram recently roll out its version 8.7.2 beta for iOS, which include a new range of reaction emojis and stickers, as spot by the Telegram beta channel. These new stickers and emojis are said to be premium features available only for the Telegram Premium users.

      All users will reportedly receive a prompt asking them if they want to sign up for the Telegram Premium subscription plan when viewing these reactions or stickers on the instant messaging app.

      As it appears that Telegram is looking for new ways to monetise its platform by adding a premium plan that is said to offer special stickers and reactions as a start.

      Telegram has not share much information about the pricing and its exact availability, but subscription will give users the access to unlock premium stickers and exclusive reaction emojis.

      This service has been spot on the iOS beta app for the time being.

      There are no hints as to when and if the feature will be available on Android.

      The premium stickers won’t be visible to the free users in conversations on the platform. Instead, they will see a banner telling them to “unlock additional reactions by subscribing to Telegram Premium.”

      While we are expecting to hear more from the company about the latest subscription plan unlocking price and what other perks it offers because Telegram has not fully detaile this program yet.

      Telegram recently launch a few more features in this year’s second spring update, including custom notification tones, setting custom durations for muting chats or auto-deleting messages, and improve forwarding that preserves replies.

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      All users can send and receive new animations as well as animated emojis.

      Another major feature is the capability for bots that will allow developers to offer website-like experiences through the instant messaging app.

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