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    Wednesday, September 27, 2023

      This is Called BIZARRE Perfection : Pune Student Scores the Perfect 35 in All Subjects at Class 10 Board Exam

      There are many who get more than 90% in the board exams and still feels not scoring high enough. Then there are those who are just happy to have score enough marks to get passed.

      But what if someone scores the exact marks need to clear the exam, not a point less not a point more?

      They would consider themselves to be the luckiest person on the planet.

      Vaibhav More, a student from Junnar taluka in Pune, is one of them.

      As the state education board declare the Class 10 exam results, Vaibhav More got the most peculiar marksheet, one with 35 marks in each of the subjects, the minimum require for passing the exam.

      Vaibhav More couldn’t believe it, and neither could anyone else.

      Son of a farm labour couple at the tiny Bori Khurd village situated 93 km north of Pune,

      Vaibhav More doesn’t really like to study and was expecting to fail the exam.

      Vaibhav More said :

      “I did prepare for the exam but didn’t have much expectations. I was astonished to see 35 in each of the subjects. I haven’t seen anyone with such a mark sheet. My friends, too, are surprised,”.

      He says that her teacher and mother were both relieved as they didn’t have much hope.

      His father was far from amused. “He yelled at me as he wanted me to score more,” said Vaibhav More.

      When ask about his son’s bizarre feat, Krushna More, the father, shot a rather probing question.

      Did he actually get those marks, or was he passed through condonation?

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      While the condonation or grace marks, awarded to students who miss the passing score by a few points, seems to be the most likely explanation for the unusal result, it must take special skill, or luck, to muster just enough marks to benefit from this provision in as many as six subjects.

      Vaibhav More said that he never had much affinity for education as he struggle to understand what was taught in the classroom.

      He particularly abhorred Mathematics.

      To make matters worse, his school was shut for more than a year due to the Covid lockdown.

      Vaibhav More credits his elder sister, a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS), to help him study for the exam and get across the line.

      As Vaibhav More doesn’t spend much much time studying, he helps his parents with farm work and plays Cricket and Kabaddi in his spare time.

      Vaibhav More is fascinate by electronic equipments and often fasten and unfasten them.

      Vaibhav More is now planning to pursue some vocational course at the nearby Industrial Training Institute, though he isn’t very sure about it. 

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