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      TikTok should Suspended as it Glorifying Acid Attacks on Women.


      TikTok has suspends the account of popular creator Faizal Siddiqui.

      Siddiqui’s videos face massive criticism and was accuse of glorifying acid attacks on women.

      Faizal Siddiqui’s account can no longer be access on the TikTok.

      The video caught the eye of not only the National Commission for Women (NCW) but also of several celebrities.

      The controversy around the video also resulted in hundreds of users leaving 1-star reviews for the app on app stores.

      The video by Faizal Siddiqui showed the TikTok creator threatening a girl who left him for another guy.

      Siddiqui threw some liquid on the girl’s face. The girl with heavy make-up that many believe resembles the scars of an acid attack.

      Here are some points about Faizal Siddiqui and TikTok controversy:

      1. After the video went viral on various social media platforms,
      2. the NCW asked TikTok India to immediately remove the video from the platform and block Faizal Siddiqui.
      3. The NCW asked the Maharashtra police to immediately take action against the person responsible for making the video.
      4. Following the controversy and calls for removing the video,
      5. TikTok suspends the account of the creator and it is no longer accessible.
      6. TikTok app has seen a flood of 1-star reviews on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
      7. Hundreds of India Android and iOS users are calling for ban app and its removal from the app stores.
      8. Several of 1-star reviews are also a result of recent Controversy between another TikTok creator Amir Siddiqui and YouTuber CarryMinati.
      9. Many followers of the YouTuber to show their dislike of the platform by leaving 1-star reviews.
      10. Several famous personalities also thrashed Siddiqui over the ‘depraved’ video.
      11. This includes actors Swara Bhaskar and Pooja Bhatt, acid attack survivor Laxmi Aggarwal, and so on.
      12. #BanTikTokinIndia and several similar hashtags have been trending on Twitter because of the controversy.
      13. In a statement release on Instagram, Faizal Siddiqui defends the video and indicates that it has been misrepresented. The TikTok creator also apologised.
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      Faizal Siddiqui said in the statement.

      “As a social media influencer, I realize my responsibility and apologise to anyone who was offended by the video”

      TikTok said in a statement.

      “Keeping people on TikTok safe is a top priority and we make it clear in our Term of Service and Community Guidelines that clearly outlines what is not acceptable on our platform”

      “As per the policy, we do not allow content that risks safety of others, promotes physical harm or glorifies violence against women.

      The behaviour in question violates our guidelines and we have taken down content, suspended the account, and are working with law enforcement agencies as appropriate.”

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