To Track Friends Birthdays Snapchat Launches Birthdays Mini Feature in India

Snapchat has launch a new Birthdays Mini feature in India and other countries to allow users to keep a track of all their friends birthdays easily. Now users can also get personal greetings and birthday messages from their friends on the Snapchat.

The Birthdays Mini feature on the photo and video-sharing platform will show Snapchatters a list of upcoming and recent birthdays.

Birthdays Mini Feature will also display birthdays organise by zodiac signs in a separate tab.

Along with tracking friends birthdays, a user can even countdown to their own birthday.

Snapchat users who have opt to have their birthdays mention on their Snapchat profiles will have their birthdays list in the Birthdays Mini list.

Also Snapchat confirm that it will not display the birth year or age of the user to others only the user can see this information.

Snapchat Said :

“Today we launched Birthdays Mini to make it fun and easy to remember and celebrate your Snapchat friends’ birthdays! You can enjoy personal greetings and birthday messages from your friends — all inside of Snapchat”.

The Birthdays Mini feature is available on the social media app for both Android and iOS users starting 9th September 2021.

Snapchat says users across the globe can use this feature and it can be found behind the rocket icon in Chat.

Birthdays Mini can be also access via the search bar in the application.


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