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      Twitter Announces Super Follows Subscription | Safety Mode | Birdwatch for Creators


      Twitter announce a new tool Super Follows subscriptions.

      This new subscription service will allow creators and publishers monetise through Twitter for exclusive tweets and content.

      Followers who pay for the Super Follows subscription will gain access to exclusive content, deals and discounts, community access, and many more.

      Twitter is also looking to introduce a new Communities feature that will allow users to create, discover, and join micro-communities based on their interests.

      What is Super Follows subscription model

      The new features were announce as part of Twitter’s Analyst Day keynote where the company also reveal its intention to double total annual revenue.

      Super Follows, and all the other features are intend to help Twitter reach its revenue and users goals.

      The company is exploring the option to allow creators and publishers to offer Super Follows subscription to its fans, enabling them to be directly support by their audience.

      Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter Product Lead Said :

      The price point will be customisable based on accounts and that Super Follows should roll out some time this year itself.

      The subscription will unlock a series of perks for followers like supporter badge, subscriber-only newsletter, exclusive content, deals and discounts, and community access as well.

      Creators can use this service to exclusively tweet content only for subscribed users and monetise through the platform.

      Twitter is also working on Communities that will let users create groups around specific interests like cats, plants, social justice, and more.

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      This is somewhat similar to Facebook Groups that is a thriving tool for micro-communities to engage with one another.

      But company will start experimenting with this feature later this year.

      What is Safety Mode

      Twitter also briefly teased a new feature called Safety Mode.

      This feature, when turn on, will automatically detect accounts that are acting spammy or abusive with the user and limit their interaction for seven days.

      This feature Automatically block accounts that appear to break the Twitter Rules, and mute accounts that might be using insults, name-calling, strong language, or hateful remarks.

      Twitter did not reveal rollout roadmap for this feature.

      What is Birdwatch

      Twitter is working on a new feature Birdwatch to solve the issue of spread of misinformation on social media.

      It looks to allow users to add context to tweets that seem to offer misleading information in the form of notes at the bottom of the tweet.

      Kayvon Beykpour Said :

      “Birdwatch is a more scalable, Wikipedia-like model where an open community of contributors can collectively determine when context should be added to a tweet and what that context should say,”

      If a user casually tweets that whales are not real, other users could add notes to offer more context to an unknowing reader.


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