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    Thursday, July 18, 2024

      Twitter Launched Dedicated Search for Disaster Preparedness in India | 2YODOINDIA


      The microblogging platform Twitter has launched a search prompt to manage the disaster in India and to provide quick relief.

      Users can find out about the updates of National Disaster Response Force through some of the generic keywords given below in English and Hindi.

      Keywords in English : 

      #cyclone, #DisasterRelief, #earthquake, #flood, #floods, #heavyrainfall, #hurricane, #Landslides, #NDMA, #NDRF, #rain, #rainfall, #SDRF, #storm, #thunderstorm, #tsunami,

      Keywords in Hindi : 

      #आंधी, #आंधीतूफान, #आपदा, #एनडीआरएफ, #चक्रवात, #तूफान, #बाढ़, #बारिश, #भूकंप, #भूचाल, #भूस्खलन, #राज्यआपदाप्रतिक्रियाबल, #सुनामी, #राष्ट्रीयआपदाप्रतिक्रियाबल, #राष्ट्रीयआपदाप्रबंधनएजेंसी

      Through this new dedicated search prompt, during the time of disaster, users will get information related to the disaster at one place.

      Through this search prompt you will get all information about the National Disaster Response Force.

      In the month of July-August, many states of the country are flooded.

      Due to which, during the disaster, anyone can get information about the National Disaster Response Force through this quick response search prompt.

      Various social media platforms including Twitter have rolled out dedicated dashboards for updates related to COVID-19.

      Here users get the latest updates related to Coronavirus.

      Same for this search prompt will also be a way for users to contact the NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) in times of disaster.

      Also, information about their latest updates will be available.

      As soon as any user searches the keyword disaster relief in the search tab of Twitter, then they will see the dashboard of NDRF.

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      Where users will get the latest updates from the disaster and National Disaster Response Force.

      Twitter has partnered with the National Disaster Response Force.

      This search prompt will be available in English and Hindi on both iOS and Android platforms.

      This feature will be reviewed by the Twitter team at regular intervals and the keywords will be monitored.


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