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Twitter to Combine Shopping and Livestreams, Teams Up With Walmart

Twitter team up with Walmart to launch an online shopping initiative via livestreams. This new feature will allow users to make purchases from businesses directly on Twitter, and watching a live broadcast at the same time.

Twitter will hold its first test of live shopping stream on 28th November 2021.

The show will be hosted by celebrated R&B artist Jason Derulo.

The Live Shopping will include electronics, home goods, apparel, seasonal decor, surprise special guests, and much more.

Twitter has also start testing Twitter Shopping Manager.

Also Twitter on 22nd November 2021 announced the new live shopping experience via a blog post.

Twitter and Walmart will commence Cyber Week with the first ever shoppable livestream on Twitter on 28th November 2021.

The Cyber Deals Sunday event will begin at 5:30am IST.

During the event, users can watch the live broadcast, shop products from Walmart (on iOS and desktop).

Derulo will host a 30-minute variety show.

While watching a Live Shopping stream on Twitter, you can check out the Shoppable Banner and Shop Tab on the live event’s page.

Also you can watch the livestream on the merchant’s website within an in-app browser, without pausing the show while shopping.

Twitter Said :

“Livestreaming on Twitter gives businesses the power to engage with their most influential fans and adding the ability to shop into this experience is a natural extension to attracting and engaging with receptive audiences”.

Twitter has also start testing a Twitter Shopping Manager to assist with merchant onboarding and product catalogue management.

This will give merchants a one-stop-shop for managing how they show up on Twitter, as per the company.

Twitter said it is looking forward to introducing more products to make shopping on Twitter a new experience.

Twitter’s entry into livestream shopping follows a feature calls Shop Module.

This functionality introduce in July this year allows people to shop products through an in-app browser.

Shop Module is a dedicate space at the top of a profile where businesses can showcase their products.

Twitter users can visit such profiles with the Shop Module enable and scroll through the carousel of products.

They can tap on interested products to check out others like it through an in-app browser, without leaving Twitter.


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