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      Uber Connect Home-to-Home Package Delivery Service Launched in India.


      This new Uber Connect service has been launched in four cities in India.

      • Gurgaon
      • Guwahati
      • Jaipur
      • Kolkata

      Uber Connect has launched in a few Indian cities to enable doorstep delivery of goods from one house to another.

      This service looks to help users deliver things like books, a birthday gift and many other items that need to be delivered during these times of pandemic situation.

      While Indians stay indoors, Uber Connect looks to help users drop deliveries of packages from one home to another.

      Uber says it will be delivering these packages on two wheelers.

      The package cannot weigh more than 5kg. This new service looks to compete with existing similar services offered by Dunzo and Swiggy.

      The company notes that all packages need to be properly sealed, and delivery of items like alcohol, recreational drugs, or dangerous and illegal items is prohibited via this service.

      To avail Uber Connect, head to the Uber app, and look for the Uber Connect option in the vehicle selection scroller.

      Update your Uber app to the latest version if you’re not able to see it. Once you select Uber Connect, the company will ask you to agree to package delivery terms and conditions, and confirm that your item complies with those terms.

      Users will need to add drop-off details inside the app, similar to how you add an address when booking a cab.

      If an Uber Connect delivery boy is nearby, then the user will be notified once the driver is on the way to pick up the package.

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      You can contact the driver directly for any special pickup or drop-off instructions. There is a ‘Share My Trip’ feature with your recipient so they can track the delivery and meet the driver to collect the package.

      Swiggy also offers a similar service called Swiggy Genie, it lets you pick up or drop anything during the lockdown.

      This includes business deliveries, documents, or even sending a lunchbox. Dunzo offers a similar service across many cities since a while now.


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