UPDATE : Facebook Messenger and Instagram Get Cross-App Group Chat Feature | Group Typing Indicators and Many More Features

Facebook has announce new features to enhance integration between Instagram and Messenger. All new features include cross-app group communication, new group typing indicators, and polls on Instagram DMs (direct messages).

The cross-app group feature chat allows people to start group chats between their Instagram and Messenger contacts with the group typing indicators users can see when multiple people are typing.

Instagram has modified the existing Watch Together feature to allow users to watch Reels and IGTV content directly from the Instagram feed together with friends.

Facebook has also adds new expressive chat themes on Messenger and Instagram.

FB announce the launch of new features on Messenger and Instagram through a blog post on.

Cross-app group chats is the important feature release by Facebook in the latest update.

The Facebook said that more than 70% of eligible people on Instagram have update to the new Messenger experience to enjoy new features like cross-app communication.

Facebook introduce cross-app messaging between Messenger and Instagram last year.

Now users can start group chats between their Instagram and Messenger contacts.

You can customise the cross-app group chats by adding themes and custom reactions.

Polls can now be started on Instagram DMs as well as group chats on Messenger and Instagram which allow users to engage with friends and followers by asking questions and receiving answers from them.

The introduction of group typing indicators allows users to see when their friends two or many are typing at the same time on the apps.

Facebook has also modified the Watch Together feature which will now let users watch trending videos directly from their Instagram feed together with their friends.

You can start a video chat within Instagram and then scroll to the post they want to share, and then click on the share button and Watch Together.

Facebook is also bringing expressive chat themes for everyone on Messenger and Instagram.

FB has launch a Cottagecore chat theme and added an Astrology art suite with new AR effects.


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