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      UPDATE : Google Home App New Update Introduced Smart Home Automations | Details Inside

      AI voice assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri have become popular in recent past years and are now an integral part of our lives. With just a simple voice command, you can ask your voice assistant to help you with tasks that require certain actions.

      The Google Home app with its latest update now allows you to control various activities in your house without having to leave the comfort.

      What is the Google Home App?

      The Google Home app is a one-stop solution that allows users to manage, automate, and control many of compatible devices in their homes.

      This new update allows you to check the weather, turn on the TV, and many more other task.

      Google has recently announce the new starters and actions available in the Automation tab on the Home app.

      Features of Google Home App Automations

      • Open or Close: If the window is open, you can choose to turn off the thermostat.
      • Device is charging or plugged in: When your electric vehicle is charging/plugged in, it can automatically start playing music and download updates.
      • Temperature: You can add a feature if the temperature inside rises above 80 degrees; open the window and turn on the fan.
      • Volume is Muted: When you mute your music, it can turn off the speakers automatically, or you can select a timer.
      • Device is docked or undocked: This can be commonly found on mops, mowers, and vacuums. When the vacuum docks broadcast to the home, vacuuming is finish.
      • Lock is jammed: If your door lock is jammed, you can broadcast to the home that the lock is jammed and pulse a light.
      • Humidity Percentage: You can turn on the humidifier if the humidity drops below 40%.
      • Occupancy Sensing: When the smart objects sense someone is in the room or a certain zone, the lights will turn on.
      • Light effects: The pulse lights will provide visual feedback when the doorbell is press. When to dismiss the alarm and slowly wake the lights over a one-hour time period.
      • Open or Close device: You can choose to open windows, doors, and binds. You can choose to open the binds at 7 AM and close them at 10 PM.
      • Dock Device: You can choose to dock a device.
      • Set Humidity: You can set up actions according to the humidity.
      • Pause or Unpause device: You can pause or unpause a device such as a TV, music player, or video game.
      • Timer: Set up a timer for tasks like cooking, cleaning, and running errands.
      • Volume Mute: Mute or unmute your devices, such as phones, TVs, or music players.
      • Reboot Device: You can choose to reboot your devices like routers, game consoles, or laptops.
      • Run software updates: Run software updates on devices such as Wi-Fi routers.
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      NOTE : The compatibility of the devices depends on their manufacturers. If you cannot see your device in the app, it could be because it does not support the Google Home app.

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