UPDATE : Google Search Gets New Feature to Help Tune Guitar

Google adds a new feature that allows users to tune their string instruments with ease. The Google has added an instrument tuner to its search engine that will let you tune a guitar using the microphone of your device.

The new inbuilt tuner works like any other guitar tuning app available on different app stores.

This feature is now live and users just need an updated browser and a phone or a computer with microphone access to try it.

Users can access the tuner by simply typing “Google tuner” in the Google Search bar.

The interface of the chromatic tuner is familiar and works just like any other popular instrument tuning app on Google Play store or Apple’s App Store very much like a physical tuner.

When you plays a string on their guitar then the tuner will quickly catch the note and give suggestions to play the note aim.

To use this feature you need to provide Google the permission to use your device’s microphone.

The output from the instrument tuner will depend on the quality of the microphone of your mobile phone or computer but should generally work fine with most devices.


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