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      UPDATE : Meta Introduced 3D Avatars to Instagram Stories with Updated Options for Facebook and Messenger

      Meta is introducing 3D avatars to Instagram stories and direct messages. Facebook aka Meta has also release update avatars for Facebook and Messenger. This update brings new facial shapes and assistive devices like wheelchairs for differently able people.

      The update is currently available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, with other countries where the rollout has already begun.

      The Facebook parent company has also team up with the NFL to release Super Bowl LVI shirts for avatars.

      People can now outfit their avatars with limited-time shirts of either Cincinnati Bengals or Los Angeles Rams.

      The announcement was made by Aigerim Shorman, General Manager for Avatars and Identity, on Meta’s official blog.

      Meta has starts rolling out the update avatars on Facebook, Messenger, and, for the first time, Instagram.

      People can use their virtual likeness for creating stickers, feed posts, Facebook profile pictures, and more.

      You can make two different avatars, one for Instagram and one for both Facebook and Messenger, and a third for VR.

      Users register with the Accounts Centre have the option to sync their avatars across different platforms.

      Facebook users who have created an avatar in the past will see it getting convert to 3D with this update.

      The update brings Cochlear implants and over-the-ear hearing aids with several colour options for the avatars on all platforms.

      There is also a wheelchair, which will appear in stickers.

      Meta has also updated the look of the avatars with subtle tweaks to the facial shapes and skin shaders.

      The company says that it plans to bring even more customisation options to the Avatar editor in 2022.

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      Meta has announce that it is partnering up with the NFL to celebrate Super Bowl LVI, which is set to take place on 13th February 2022.

      It is releasing limited-time shirts of the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams.

      These shirts will remain live until 28th February 2022.

      There is also a Super Bowl LVI shirt for the neutral fans.

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