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UPDATE : Spotify Delete the Heart for a Plus Button with Enhanced Functionality | Details Inside | 2YODOINDIA

UPDATE : Spotify Delete the Heart for a Plus Button with Enhanced Functionality | Details Inside

Spotify is one of the most widely use music streaming applications in the world. There is a vast selection of music and podcasts to stream on the app. To ensure that users can easily listen to their favorite tracks and episodes on more than one occasion, they can save them directly to their Library.

Where users previously tap the Heart icon to save their songs to their “Liked Songs” list and the “Add to playlist” icon to add tracks or podcast episodes to their preferred playlist, the functionality will now be access via a single button, the Plus button.

Spotify is introducing a more streamline experience by consolidating the Heart icon and the “Add to playlist” icon into a single symbol for the sake of convenience, it seems.

You can tap the Plus (+) button, and you can save and choose the destination for any song, playlist, or podcast with ease.

Spotify said that its move is commit towards making it easier for its users to engage with their music and podcasts.

How to use Spotify’s integrated Plus (+) button?
  • Tap to save: To save a song or podcast episode, users tap the Plus (+) button to the right of the title in the Now Playing window. When they have added their selection to Liked Songs (or Your Episodes), the Plus (+) button will transform into a green checkmark. Users can further change the destination of their saved content by tapping the green check again.
  • Add a whole album to Your Library: With one click of the Plus (+) button, users can add their favorite album, playlist, or audiobook to “Your Library”. When it has been successfully add, a green checkmark will appear right next to it.
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During their user research period, the company found that the new Plus (+) button upgrade saved time and allowed users to add to multiple playlists simultaneously, which is an added benefit.

Saving songs and podcasts makes users more likely to listen to them again, which ultimately results in more streams for the artists and shows people have discover.

Everything you have already save to your Liked Songs or Your Episodes will still be available.

This feature will be roll out to all users globally on mobile for iOS and Android starting from 28th February 2023 and will become available to all Spotify users in the coming weeks.

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